Pharm Chap 10

  1. Name (2) genetic factors for PD
    • abnormal production of alpha-synulein (lewy bodies)
    • death via free radicals-accerlerates protien accumulation
  2. Certain Meds delveloped may have neuroprotective effects
    what are antioxidants
  3. Primary medication to treat PD
    what is Levodopa
  4. dihydroxyphenylalanine
    what is Dopa/ Levadopa
  5. peripheral decaboxylase inhibitor
    what is carbidopa
  6. Effectiveness of dose suddenly and spontaneously decreases
    what is ON-off phenomenon
  7. Can eliminate off periods
    what is IV levodopa
  8. Can help alleviate fluctuations
    What is Sinemet CR
  9. How do anticholinergic drugs work?
    They block ACh receptors in BG (non-selectively
  10. Anticholingergic drugs + antihistamines=?
    less effective, but milder side effects
  11. Originally developed as an Antiviral drug
    what is Amantadine (Symmetrel)
  12. Works by blocking NMDA receptors in brain
    what is Amantadine (symmetrel)
  13. Amantadine
    • (symmetrel)
    • given with levodopa
    • Decreases dyskinesias
    • blocks NMDA receptors in brain
    • A.R.-orthostatic hypotension
  14. Potently and selectively inhibits MAO enzyme type B (breaks down dopamine)
    what is Selegiline
  15. Name two brand names of Selegiline
    • Deprenyl
    • Eldepryl
  16. T/F Selegiline is known for causing a hypertensive crisis
    false- it is relatively safe
  17. converts levodopa into an inactive metabolite
    what is COMT (catechol-o-methyltransferase)
  18. enhances effect of levodopa
    COMT inhibitors
  19. name (2) COMT inhibitors
    • Entacapone (Comtan)
    • Tolcapone (Tasmar)
  20. Entacapone and Tolcapone do what? (3)
    • enhance effects of levodopa, thus requiring less levodopa
    • causes initial increase in dyskinesias
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