Marketing 471

  1. Market research
    Compiles information about the product, product category, and other details of the marketing situation
  2. Consumer research
    Used to identify people who are in the market for the product
  3. Advertising research
    Focuses on all the elements of advertising
  4. IMC research
    Used to assemble information in planning the use of a variety of marketing communication tools
  5. Strategic research
    Uncovers critical information that becomes the basis for strategic planning decisions
  6. Types of Research
    • Secondary
    • Primary
    • Quantitative and Qualitative
  7. Secondary research
    Background research that uses available published information about a topic
  8. Primary research
    • Information that is collected for the first time from original sources
    • Primary research suppliers
  9. Quantitative and Qualitative Research
    • Quantitative research– Delivers numerical data
    • Qualitative research– Provides insight
  10. Uses for Research
    • Research departments collect and disseminate secondary research data and conduct primary research
    • There is an increased need for research-based information in advertising planning
    • 1.Market information
    • 2.Consumer insight research
    • 3.Media research
    • 4.Message development
    • 5.Evaluation research
  11. Market Information
    • Research used to gather information about a particular market
    • Includes consumer perceptions of the brand, product category, and competitors’ brands
  12. Consumer Insight Research
    The creative team and media planners need to know as much as they can, in as much depth and detail as possible, about the people they are trying to reach
  13. Media Research
    • Gathers information about all the possible media
    • and marketing communication tools that might be used to deliver a message
    • Researchers match that information to what is known
    • about the target audience
  14. Message development and evaluation
    • Concept testing– Used in the development of the message strategy to evaluate the relative power of various creative ideas
    • Copy testing– Used to evaluate the relative effectiveness of various approaches to the sales message
  15. Account Planning
    • The Research Foundation
    • Consumer Insight
    • The Communication Brief
  16. The Research Foundation
    • Used in three phases of the advertising planning process:
    • Strategy generation
    • Creative development
    • Campaign evaluation
  17. Consumer Insight
    • Intersects with the interests of the customer and the brand features
    • Insight mining
    • –Realistic response objective?
    • –Causes of nonresponse?
    • –Barriers to desired response?
    • –Motivation to respond?
    • –Role of each element in the communication mix
  18. The Communication Brief
    • Explains the consumer insight and summarizes the
    • basic strategy decisions
    • Six major parts:
    • -Marketing objective
    • -Product
    • -Target audience
    • -The promise and support
    • -Brand personality
    • -Strategy statement
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