1. SSgt White worked in the customer support section of her organization. For the past several weeks, she has been getting complaints from customers because customers have been getting the wrong items delivered to them. How should SSgt Whit deal with this issue?

    a. She needs to define the problem and use the process of problem identification
    b. Customers have already identified the problem, so SSgt White needs to conduct an analysis of possible solutions
    c. SSgt White needs to select the best solution and then develop a plan to implement the best solution
    ANSWER: A – The customers have identified that something is wrong, but SSgt White needs to clearly define the problem and determine the real problem, not just a symptom.
  2. TSgt Green and his team have been working on a computer software for weeks. It seems the program would crash whenever the user would enter data into one of the input fields on the computer screen. TSgt Green’s team was finally able to isolate a bad section of computer code and they wrote a patch to fix it. They also decided to implement some other ideas they had to smooth out the program flow and enhance the help files. They started working on a plan to implement the patch and the enhancements. Which of the following states is true for TSgt Green and his team?

    a. His team will be successful in solving the problem
    b. They have completed the problem solving process
    c. TSgt Green and his team have not followed a valid problem solving process.
    ANSWER: C – The problem solving process taught in this lesson recommended implementing only one solution at a time and not mixing other issues with it. TSgt Green and his team should not implement the other enhancements until after they are sure the current problem if fixed.
  3. The commander sent MSgt Blue and email saying, “The date I’m looking at shows we’re only getting 500 hours average time between failures on the TRY-13 radios your shop repairs. The specifications show it should be closer to 2000 hours. I reviewed the data from last year and it seems the mean time between failures was about 2000 hours back then. Please look into this issue.” What action(s) should MSgt Blue take?

    a. Start an analysis to determine the real problem
    b. Review the data to determine the severity of the problem
    c. Brainstorm some solutions to fix the problem
    ANSWER: A – The commander has identified the problem, or at least a symptom of the problem. Also the commander has provided the desired future state. MSgt Blue needs to use the data and try to determine the real cause of the problem
  4. Most of the time when you discover a problem, you have only discovered a symptom of the real problem and not the true cause.

    a. True
    b. False
    ANSWER: A – A problem is normally discovered because a symptom shows up.
  5. According to the Richard Chang Step-By-Step problem solving model, which alternative best describes a problem definition statement?

    a. A statement that identifies the true problem and not just a symptom.
    b. A statement that identifies the true problem and the most likely solution
    c. A statement that identifies the true problem and the desired future state.
    ANSWER: C – The true problem and the desired future state are the parts of the problem identification statement.
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