Lab quiz 9:1,2,6,7

  1. What is the metric reference for meter and liter
    • meter=lenght
    • liter=volume
  2. What is the metric referance for mass and degree celsius
    • gram=mass
    • degree celsius=tempature
  3. name the three most common bacteria and discribe their shapes
    • coccus-round
    • bacillus-rice like
    • sirllium-stringy texture
  4. what are cells and state cell theory
    • cells=basic living units of life
    • cell theory-all organisms are composed of one or more cell, cell is basic living unit of organization and all cells areise from preexisting cells
  5. what is a plasma membrane
    boundry protecting cell and allowing substance to come in and out
  6. everything inside plasma membrane that is not part of DNA region is called
  7. Which cells are animals and which are human
    • prokaryotic-bacteria
    • Eukaryotic-human
  8. what is needed to be spotted on onion scale
    cellwalll, cytoplasm and nucleus
  9. Intracellular motion of movement of a cell where it seems one side gets bigger than the other side get smaller, it does this consistantly for movement and is called
    cytoplasmic streaming
  10. what will be the purpose of experiment 9.1
    performa test to distinguish between 2 different carbohydrates and water.
  11. explain how to seperate 2 carbohydrates and water
    place drop of startch,glucose and distilled water in 3 diffrent depressions of the spot plate. add iodine solution to each
  12. Define photosytheses
    • photosynthesis-process whch light energy converts inorganic compounds to organic substances with release of oxygen
    • Autotroph-Self feeding
    • Heterotrophs-rely directly or indirectly on autotroph. animals ex
  13. what is Chlorophyll
    photosynthetic pigment
  14. what is a absorption spectrum
    spectrum of light waves absorbed by paraticular pigment
  15. what is the stroma
    semifluid matrix
  16. where are teh chloroplast pigment molecules located
    surface of thylakoid disks
  17. discribe the reactions
    what happened when we put
    Distilled water in water
    15% Succrose in H2o
    30%Succrose in water
    Dh2c in 30% sucrose
    • Distiled water and water= no change
    • 15% Succrose in H2o=increase
    • 30% succrose in water=increase
    • Dh2c in 30% succrose=Decrease
  18. what does the triangle signals for in the experiment
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