African American Slave Trade

  1. What religions were practiced by slaves?
    • 1. Candombie(Brazil)
    • 2.Abakwa(cuba)
    • 3.Pucomania(jamaca)
    • 4.Vudon(hati)
    • 5. Islam
  2. What slave colony was the first to successfully revolt colonial imperialism?
  3. What did the Article of representation say about slave?
    Slaves should be counted as 3/5 of a man clause
  4. What did the dred Scott case state?
    That runaway slaves should be returend to there owner upon capture. Property rights guarenteed under the constitution.
  5. 13th Amendment
    Ended slavery and granted citizenship
  6. Slave revolts included these specific individuals?
    • 1. Nat Turner
    • 2. Prosser
    • 3. Vessey
    • 4. Zumb(brazil)
    • 5.Kojo(jamaca)
  7. what does maroonage mean?
    Slaves running from interior
  8. Kilimbos in spanish means?
  9. when was the first census?
  10. Histography of the slave trade means?
    Process through which you can study the slave trade.
  11. What comprised spains Vice royalty system?
    • 1.New Spain
    • 2.Lima
    • 3.Laplata
    • 4.Bogota
  12. What was the name of the laborsystem that spain used
    Incomienda- Forced labor system
  13. A.W crosby
    The columbian exchange, consequences of 1492
  14. El mina
    Largest slave holding site in west africa
  15. portugal south atlantic economic system(thrived by 16th Century)
    • 1. plantation economy (sugar, coffee)
    • 2. labor intensive
    • 3. slavery
  16. 1600 who else would join in the colonialization race?
    England, france, denmark, holand
  17. what was Phillip Curtain view point?
    • 1. There was a max of 10 million slaves involved in the slave trade
    • 2. slave trade did not depopulate african continent.
  18. What was Josph Inikori view point?
    • Minimum of 50 million slaves involved in slave trade.
    • depopulated africa with volume of slaves incorporated in trade
  19. What were the economic consequences of the slave trade?
    • Slave trade interupted african trade and created negative inpact on teade.
    • Without the slave trade, Europe fails to industrialize
  20. Eric williams Book?
    Capatilism and slavery
  21. Walter rodney Book?
    How europe underdeveloped Africa
  22. What were the political consequences of the slave trade?
    • states that were strong began to be fragmented.
    • wars & instability, which produce many slave captives
  23. Queen Nzinga
    Angola(challanged portgese on issue of inslaving her people)
  24. African is the cradle of society..true Or False
  25. Oldest civilization?
    Ancient egypt
  26. What were the Punic wars?
    The punic wars were was that involved the romans Vs Carthaginians
  27. bantu+arabic
  28. Sambo Sterotype
    Acting disabiled to prevent from working
  29. mombasa
  30. slave revolts in iraq
    ( zang revolt)
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