phosphodiesterase inhibitors/miscellaneous resp drugs

  1. phosphodiesterase are drugs that are also called
  2. xanthines inhibits
    cellular production of phosphodiesterase
  3. phosphodiestrerase is a enzyme that breaks down
    cyclic adenosine
  4. name a drug that is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor/xanthines
    theophylline (aminophylline)
  5. what does theophylline do
    stimulates rr and depth of breathing
  6. what does theo produces
    pulm vasodilation and bronchodilation
  7. theo is used to
    decrease airwayway resistance (esp in pt with asthma)
  8. duration of theo
    4-6 hours
  9. adverse effects of theo
    • cardiac effects
    • cns effects
    • nausea and vomitting
    • diuresis
  10. name some misc resp drugs
    • cromolyn sodium- intal
    • leukotriene modifiers
    • ethanol- etyhl alcohol
  11. what is cromolyn sodium-intal stabilizes
    stabilizes mast cell, making it less sensitive to specific antigens and release of histamine
  12. cromolyn sodium-intal is used as
    preventive therapy for asthma not effective during asthma attack
  13. what happens during an asthma attack
    mast cells in the airway release leukotrienes, which results a inflam response (bronchoconstriction, mucus production, and vascular permeability)
  14. leukotrine modifiers prevents
    inflam response from occuring
  15. common drugs of leukotrine modifiers are
    • accolate
    • singulair **
    • zyflo
  16. what is ethanol- ethyl alcohol
    antifoaming agent (surfactant) used to dec the surface tension of frothy, bubbly secretions
  17. frothy, bubble secretions are observed with
    pulmunary edema
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phosphodiesterase inhibitors/miscellaneous resp drugs
phosphodiesterase inhibitors/miscellaneous resp drugs