English 7+8

  1. archipelago
    large group of islands
  2. careen
    to cause to lean to one side
  3. cavalier
  4. contigious
    sharing a boundery
  5. correlate
    to connect related things
  6. etymology
    history of a word
  7. frenetic
  8. kinetic
    relating to motion
  9. presage
    to foretell
  10. pulvervize
    to demolish
  11. recondite
    difficult to understand
  12. repulse
    to repel
  13. seismic
    having to do with earthquakes, widespread effects
  14. undulate
    to form in waves, wavelike appearance
  15. upheaval
    violent change, forceful lifting from beneath
  16. betrothed
    engaged to be married
  17. blasphemy
    act considered disrespectful to something that is sacred
  18. cadence
    rhythm marked by regular beat, rising and falling of voice
  19. canon
    rule that provides norm for judgement, works of writer accepted as authentic
  20. denouement
    outcome of series of events
  21. edict
    statement having the force of law
  22. enamor
    to inspire with love
  23. insensate
    lacking sensation, lacking feeling
  24. renegade
    a traitor, person who rejects lawful behavior
  25. soliloquy
    speech in which character's thoughts are given verbal expression
  26. stricture
    strong criticism, anything that restricts
  27. triumvirate
    group of three, especially one possessing great power
  28. unsurp
    to seize and hold power in an illegal manner
  29. vestment
    an outer garment, especially one indicating rank
  30. votary
    person who is devoted to a cause, especially one of religious nature
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