Dental Materials

  1. tooth-colored materials that can be placed directly into the cavity preparation without being constructed ouside of the mouth first
    direct-placement esthetic material
  2. tooth-colored material composed of an organic resin matrix and inorganic filler particles
    composite resin
  3. thick liquids made up of two or more molecules that form a matrix resistance to the material
    organic resin (polymer) matrix
  4. rine particles of quartz, silica, or glass that five strength and wear resistance to the material
    inorganic (silica) filler particles
  5. a chemical that helps bind the filler particles to the organic matrix
    silane coupling agent
  6. coloring agents that give composites their color
  7. composite that polymerizes by a chemical reaction when two resins are mixed together
    self-cured composite
  8. composite that polymerizes when a chemical is activated by light in the blue wave range
    light-cured composite
  9. composite that contains components of light-cured and self-cured composites. When the two parts are mixed together, it polymerizes by a chemical reaction that can be accelerated by blue light activation
    dual-cured composite
  10. an early generation of composite that contained filler particles ranging from 10-100 micrometers
    macrofilled composite
  11. composite that contains very small filler particles averaging 0.04 micrometers in diameter
    hybrid composite
  12. a light-cured, low viscosity composite resin that contains fewer filler particles
    flowable composite
  13. a light-cured highly viscous, heavily filled composite resin for dentists who use a placement technique with composited that is similar to that of amalgam
    packable composite
  14. a self-cured, tooth-colored, fluoride-releasing restorative material that vonds to tooth structure without an additional bonding agent
    glass ionomer cements
  15. a glass ionomer to which resin has been added to improve its physical properties
    hybrid (resin-modified) glass ionomer
  16. composite resin that has polyacid, fluoride-releasing groups added
  17. tooth-colored materials that are used to construct restorations outside of the mouth in the dental laboratory or at chairside on replicas of the prepared teeth. They are later cemented on the teeth
    indirect-placement esthetic materials
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