ippb/is hyperinflation therapy

  1. ippb is a short term breathing treatment which provides
    pressures to be dilivered to the pt's lungs via pressure limited ventilator
  2. what is meant by increased mean airway pressure
    the avg mean presure in the airways during one breathing cycle
  3. what is lung compliance
    "bounce back of the lungs" indication of elastic recoil of the lung
  4. to prevent pt from experiencing light-headedness, dizziness or faintness from reduced paco2 levels, encourage the pt to
    breathe slowly and to pause between breaths
  5. airway resistance is a narrowed
    bronchioles. ex: asthma
  6. lung compliance is the
    bounce back of the lungs. indication of the loss of elastic recoil of the lungs
  7. what are some types of indications for ippb therapy
    • inc wob
    • hypoventilation
    • pt who cannot take a deep breath
    • inadequate cough
    • inc airway resistance
    • atelectasis, esp in sedated postop pt and pt recovering from chest or abdominal surgery
    • pulm edema
  8. list some hazards of ippb
    • excessive ventilation/oxy
    • dec CO
    • inc icp
    • pneumothorax
    • hemoptysis
    • gastric distention
    • nosocomial infection
  9. if the ippb is given with o2 with copd pt, it may elevate the pao2 abouve normal level (50-60) which may
    knock out the pt's drive to breathe
  10. how do u prevent an inc icp
    use low pressure and shorter itime and have pt position in the fowler or sitting up position
  11. pt who complains of sudden chest pain, sob, tachy, must be suspected with having
    pneumothorax and treatment must be stopped immediately
  12. what should u do if pulse rate eincresease more then 20 bpm
    stop treatment and notify dr
  13. how would u instruct a pt using a ippb
    tight lip seal, allow the machine to fill the lungs until it cycles off,

    hold breath for a count of threee before exhaling to better med delivery and improve gas exhange.

    pause before the next breath
  14. what is the goal of is
    • to prevent atelectasis (collapse lung/alveoli)
    • treat pre-existing atelectasis
    • to imp cough
    • maintain airway during preoperative period
  15. hazards of is
    • hyperventilation
    • pneumothorax
    • inc icp and stimulation of the vagal nerve reflex
  16. how to instruct pt to use the is
    • hold the is in a upright position
    • tight seal on mouth piece (use nose plugs if theres a leak)
    • INHALE slowly and as deeply as possible.
    • hold breath for 3-5 sec then remove mouthpiece and exhale normally
    • rest n breathe for 30 sec

    repeat 8 to 10x's per waking hour
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