Bio Lab 2.16

  1. Cell Cycle
    sequence of events extending from the time a cell is formed until its own divsion into two cells
  2. Interphase
    Growing Phase. 90% of time.
  3. Mitotic Phase
    Cell Division. 10% of time.
  4. Control System
    This controls the cell cycle. if it fails this leads into Cancer.
  5. Cancer
    Uncontrolled cell growth.
  6. Carcinomas
    Arise from epithelial tissues. ex. Lung cancer, skin cancer.
  7. Saromas
    Arise from connective tissue. ex. Bone cancer
  8. Benign vs. Malignant.
    Malignant - spreads. Metastasis in lungs and liver.
  9. Interphase
    • 3 Phases:
    • a) G1- Growth
    • b) S - Synthesis (DNA is doubled)
    • c) G2 - Keeps growing
  10. Stages in Mitosis
    • A) Prophase - Chromatin condenses into chromosomes, mitotic spindle appears.
    • B) Metaphase- Chromosomes are arranged at the equelateral plate (imaginary line in middle), mitotic spindle fully formed (seperate chormosomes).
    • C) Anaphase- Chromosomes Seperate
    • D) Opposite of prophase... Chromosomes unfold into chormatin & mitotic spindle dissapears
  11. Chromosome
    Coiled DNA
  12. Chromatin
    Uncoiled DNA (alot of long strands inside the nucleus)
  13. Animal Cell
    Doesn't pinch in b/c it has of cell wall. so a new wall is formed in the middle and thats how they are separated (cleavage)
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