Religions for Anc Civ Hinduism

  1. Hinduism- Caste System
    • Social class people are born (can not change)
    • Brahmans
    • Kshatrias
    • Vaisyas
    • Sudras
    • Untouchables
  2. Hinduism- polytheistic or monotheistic, describe each Caste
    • Mainly monotheistic
    • Brahmans- respect life for what it is, know everything is there for a purpose, no meat, cow is sacred, animals can be reincarnated
    • Kshatrias- Business owners, anyone to take care of other people, power of other people
    • Vaisyas- Hard working people, provides a service, not there for the money sake of it
    • Sudras- Work for Vaisyas, Hourly wage people
    • Untouchables- criminal, etc.
  3. Hinduism- Religious Beliefs- Hindu Trinity- brahma, Vishnu, Shiva
    • 1. Brahma- creator- supreme, all-knowing
    • 2. Vishnu- Preserver- mostly in animal forms, maintains balance
    • 3. Shiva- the destroyer (to death brings life) also known as the purifier (fire around her represents the circle of life)
  4. Hinduism- Religious Beliefs- Ahimsa and no ______ desires
    • Ahimsa- nonviolence
    • No selfish desires
  5. Hinduism- Hindu Beliefs- 3 steps to achieve Moksha
    • 1. Karma- actions reflect fate in the next life
    • 2. Dharma- religious moral duties of an individual
    • 3. Samsara- Reincarnation
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Religions for Anc Civ Hinduism
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