Disorders/cancer of integument system

  1. What are first degree burns?
    damages that only penetrates the epidermis where inflammation results & healing occurs without medical assistance within a few days. ex--a scrape
  2. What are second degree burns?
    damage into the upper epidermis & inflammation occurs, blisters appear. Skin can regenerate in 3-4 weeks if no infection occurs.
  3. What are 3rd degree burns?
    intire integument layer is damaged & area may be white, red, or black. Fluid & heat loss is accelerated causing the patient to go into shock and eventually die.
  4. What is used to treat a 3rd degree burn?
    skin grafts
  5. How many weeks can the skin regenerate (heal) with a second degree burn if no infection occurs?
    3-4 weeks
  6. What increases the chances of skin cancer?
    over exposure to UV rays
  7. What is basal cell carcinoma?
    most common & least malignant cancer of the stratum basale, slw growing & rarely undergoes metastasis. It happens more often in light skinned people. It appears as nodule with a central ulcer & a pearly edge.
  8. What is squamous cell carcinoma?
    cabncer of the keratinocytes of the stratum spinosum, grows rapidly, metastasizes, 99% curable, appears as a reddened papule.
  9. What is melanoma cell carcinoma?
    cancer of the melanocytes, extremly dangerous 7 deadly.
  10. People over exposed to UV rays should look out for the ABCD(E) rule. What is the rule?
    • A: asymmetry-mole shaped is not symmetrical
    • B: border irregularity-not smooth, may have notches or indentations
    • C: colors-various shapes may be present (black, brown, red, blue, tan)
    • D: diameter-larger than 6mm
    • E: elevation-mole rises above skin level
  11. how does aging affect the skin?
    as skin ages, its elasticity & thickness reduces but does not develop wrinkles. UV exposure activates enzymes in skin that break down the collagen which is replaced with an abnormal elastin material.
  12. Why is UV important?
    because it induces production of Vitamin D (helps the body absorb calcium)
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Disorders/cancer of integument system
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