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  1. mandalas
    symmetric paintings that monks contemplate
  2. mantra
    ritual chanting associated with mandalas
  3. epic songs
    long narrations of poems sung by trained bands
  4. multiphonic singing
    singers producing more than one tone at once
  5. tone-contour melodies
    • unlike melodies with discrete pitch variations
    • subtle and continuous fluctuations of timbre, loudness, and sliding pitches
  6. tantras
    books of religious teachings for Tibetan Buddhists
  7. Bon
    Tibet's indigenous religion
  8. shamans
    • Practitioners of Bon
    • Use music to mediate between spiritual forces of earth and people
  9. Dalai Lama
    Spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists
  10. dung-chen
    • Long metal trumpets that play low tones
    • Associated with the force of winds
  11. rul-mo
    • Cymbals that controls the rhythm in Tibetan music
    • Also the style of music of Tibetan Buddhists
  12. dbyangs
    Chants where melodies consist of subtle changes in timbre, loudness, and sliding pitches
  13. nga chin
    • Double headed bass drum
    • Accompanies rul-mo
  14. rgya-gling
    Double reeds accompanying rul-mo music
  15. kungling
    • Small trumpets in rul-mo music
    • Made of bone or metal
  16. brdung
    • Series of accelerating cymbal strikes
    • Arranged in set patterns
  17. Mahakala Puja
    • Ritual of chant, instruments and offerings
    • Made to the protector deity Mahakala
  18. melisma
    Many notes to a single syllable
  19. sgra-snyan
    • Long fretless lute
    • Used in Tibetan folk music
  20. lhamo
    Long performances of epic songs
  21. nangma
    • Art music of Tibet
    • Features hammered dulcimer and heterophonic singing
  22. ger
    Traditional tent home of Mongolians
  23. urtyn duu
    • Mongolian long song
    • Has expansive nonpulsatile melodic elaborations
    • Feature wide ranges, melismas, pitch slides, vibrato, and falsetto'
  24. bogino duu
    • Mongolian short song
    • Fixed meter and limited ornamentation
    • Syllabic and strophic
  25. tuul'
    Mongolian epic songs
  26. morin huur
    • Heterophonically accompanies a singer of tuul'
    • Large bowed lute
    • Hoomii
    • Throat singing
    • Multiphonic singing in Mongolia
    • Singer sings a low pitch and changes mouth shape to amplify overtones and create a melody
  27. programmatic music
    • Music for solo instruments
    • Stories behind songs are recognized by audience
  28. khomuz
    • Jaw's harp
    • Player plucks a tongue of metal or wood that resonates in the mouth
  29. topshuur
    • Two-string unfretted lute
    • Accompanies music in Western Mongolia
  30. limba
    Small transverse bamboo flute
  31. Hoyor Bor
    • "Two Dark horses"
    • Excerpt from a long song about horses
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