Chapter 7 Muscles

  1. orbicularis oculi
    closes eyelid
  2. orbicularis oris
    closes lips
  3. temporalis
    closes jaw
  4. masseter
    closes jaw
  5. sternocleidomastoid
    rotate head, flex head
  6. trapezius
    extend head, adduct scapula
  7. intercostals (external and internal)
    elevates and depresses ribs
  8. diaphragm
    inspiration (inhalation)
  9. rectus abdominis
    flexes vertebral column, compresses abdomen
  10. external oblique
    compresses abdomen, and flexes and rotates vertebral column
  11. internal oblique
    compresses abdomen, flexes and rotates verbral column
  12. transversus abdominis
    compresses abdomen
  13. deltoid
    abducts arm
  14. latissimus dorsi
    extends and adducts arm
  15. pectoralis major
    flex, adduct, and medially rotates arm
  16. rotator cuff
    holds humerus into scapula
  17. biceps brachii
    flexes arm and forearm
  18. triceps brachii
    extends arm and forearm
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Chapter 7 Muscles
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