1. what attaches cell in basal layer of stratified squamous epi?
  2. what attaches basement membrane that separetes epi from connective basal cell
  3. what attaches epi to the basement membrane
  4. connective tissue is attached to the basement membrane by
    collagen fibers
  5. connective tissue graft was taken from hard palate, what epi is in this area?
    orthokeratinized strastafiend squamous epi
  6. what tissue is usually found underlying the gingiva
  7. what histologic structures comprises the attached gingiva
    collagenous lamina propia and no submucosa
  8. what is found in healthy gingiva
    circular fibers, rete pegs, connective tissue papilla and fibroblast
  9. what stimilates bone growth, such as exostosis
  10. the cell that produce the bony growth at the reciepient site found from the gingival graft
  11. blood from periodontal probing comes from
    connective tissue
  12. which is the most objective clinical sign of inflamation
    bleeding upon probing
  13. which tissues have nerve intervation
    pulp and PDL
  14. the free unmyelinated nerve endidng of the pulp can sense
  15. Hewtwigs epithelial toot sheath is derived from
    reduced enamel epithelium
  16. globulomaxillary is a well defined, pear shaped,
    where is found and between with teeth
    • palatal area, globular process and the maxillary process
    • lateral incisor and canine
  17. globulomaxillary cyst arises from odontogenic epi. from which part of the tooth germ does this epi originates
    enamel organ
  18. dark stained lines seen in cementum that represent rest peiods in cementum formation are called
    incremental lines
  19. which cells are important in the formation of the principal fibers of PDL
  20. during ortho what is applied to the PDL to produce bone formation
  21. tention is applied to the PDL during ortho for what
    bone formation
  22. cementum differs from bone in that cementum
    has no blood vessels
  23. what is the name of the outer less calsified layer of cementum
  24. most likely cause a decrease in the width of pdl that is seing in xrays
  25. what is the name of the remnants of hewtwigs epithelial rooth sheath found in the pdl of a functional tooth
    rests of malassez
  26. the tongue develops from which of the embrionic process
    mandibular process
  27. cleft lip occurs when the max process fails to fuse with which one of the following embryonic process
    globular process
  28. inferior alveolar artery is a branch of which of the following arteries
  29. left common coratid artery branches of the
    arch of the aorta
  30. external auditory meatus is found in which of the following bones
  31. within the mandibular canal, near the mental foramen the inferior alveolar nerve is formed by the mental nerve and which oother branch
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