Practice Management (CPC)

  1. This entity develops and publishes an annual plan that outlines the Medicare monitoring program.

    B. OIG
  2. This program was developed by CMS to promote national correct coding methods and to control inappropriate payment of Part B claims and hospital outpatient claims.

    D. NCCI
  3. What is NPI?

    A. National Provider Indentification
  4. The RBRVS is a:

    A. A payment reform implemented in 1992
  5. Which of the following is NOT considered fraud or abuse?

    D. going to lunch with a pharmaceutical representative
  6. This document is a notification in advance of services that Medicare probably will not pay for and the estimated cost to the patient.

    B. Advanced Beneficiary Notice
  7. Spedific coding guidelines in the CPT manual are located in:

    B. the beginning of each section
  8. Which punctuation mark between codes in the index of the CPT manual indicates a range of codes is available?

    D. hypen
  9. The term that indicates this is the type of code for which the full code description can be known only if the common part of the code (the description preceding the semicolon) of a preceding entry is refrenced:

    D. indented
  10. Which of the following is most accurately about the designation "(Separate procedure)". The procedure is:

    D. all of the above
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