chapter 7 pt2

  1. Function of kidneys
    removing wastes. Mantain proper balance of water, electrolytes, and acids. It also secretes renin and erythropoietin
  2. Hilum
    Medial depression of Kidney
  3. Ureter
    Carry urine from kidneys to Urinary Bladder
  4. Urethra
    carry urine from urinary bladder to outside of the body
  5. Urination or Voiding
    Process of expelling urine through urethra
  6. Glomerulus (Filter)
    Collection of tiny capallaries formed in the shape of a ball.
  7. Glomerular(Bowman) Capsule
    Tiny, Cup-like structure, that surrounds each glomerulus. (Collects the waste)
  8. 3 steps formation of urine
    filtration, reabsorption, secretion
  9. nephron
    working unit of kidney
  10. calyces/calices
    small cup-like regions of the renal pelvis
  11. urinalysis
    measures physical and chemical properties of urine
  12. PH of urine
    6.5 acidic
  13. Phenylketonuria (PKU)
    accumulate in urine of infants can lead to retardation
  14. Nephrolithiasis
    Abnormal condition of kidney stones
  15. Polycystic Kidney Disease
    Multiple fluid filled sacs within and on the kidneys
  16. Pyelonephritis
    Inflammation of renal pelvis and kidney
  17. Renal Failure
    kidney starts to fail or shutdown
  18. Wilms tumor
    malignant tumor of the kidney occurring in childhood
  19. Diabetes Insipidus
    • Antidiuretic hormone is not secreted adequately, or the kidney is resistant to its effect. (polyuria and polydipsia)
    • (Lack of ADH)
  20. Diabetes Mellitus
    Insulin not secreted adequately or not used properly in the body. (glycosuria, hyperglycemia, polyuria, and polydisia)
  21. ESRD
    End stage renal disease
  22. BUN
    Blood urea nitrogen (measures urea in blood)
  23. UA
  24. KUB
    kidneys, ureters, and bladder x-ray
  25. UTI
    Urinary tract infection
  26. Retrograde Pyelogram (RP)
    x-ray of renal pelvis and ureters after injection of contrast through ureters
  27. Lithotripsy
    Crushing of stones
  28. Cystoscopy
    Visual examination of urinary bladder
  29. Panendoscope
    Wide angle view of urinary bladder
  30. Dialysis
    Filtration process of blood
  31. Hemodialysis
    Uses kidney machine to filter patients blood
  32. Peritoneal Dialysis
    Uses peritoneal catheter to introduce fluid into peritoneal cavities
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