micro lec 1

  1. Genetic engineering
    deliberate modification of an organism's genetic information by directly changing its genome (DNA)
  2. recombinant DNA technology
    procedure use to carry out genetic engineering
  3. Bt corn
    • bacillus theuriniensis
    • -gram positive
    • -produces toxin which is effective toward catepillars
  4. microbial ecology
    study of behavior and acitivities of microbes in natural environment
  5. PCR
    • denature target DNA (heating)
    • -anneal primers that are specific to DNA
  6. DNA Vaccines
    plasmid with genes from pathogen inject, to produce immune response
  7. Bacillus thuriniensis.
    • Bt corn
    • -gram (+), produces toxin which is effective toward caterpillars, move toward palnts
  8. phytoremediation
    to take up metals
  9. biodegradation prcoess is best way to carry out..
    to use natural microbe
  10. termite hindgut.
    symbiosis. microbe/host relationship
  11. mutualism:
    relationship beneficial to both partners
  12. obligatory relationship.
    partners cant survive without each other
  13. H2 being released..
    • microbe releasing this is..Methanogenic, Ardraea, and Acetogenic bacteria
    • -methanogienic archaea makes CH4 and Acetogenic bacteria makes acetate
  14. Thiobacillus ferroxidens
    love acidic environment
  15. pyrite.
    form of iron and sulfur,..
  16. acidic conditions
    make metals very soluble, and make toxic liquid/condition
  17. Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
    found in soil and opportunistic pathogen
  18. infection.
    competitive relationship between host and parasite.
  19. disease.
    host lose competition resulting change in general good heatlh
  20. opportunistic pathogen.
    microbe are benign til defenses are down, microbes invade.
  21. highly virulent.
    alawys cause disease
  22. moderately virulent.
    sometimes causes diseases
  23. avirulent.
    • do not cause disease
    • eg. Microcacuslibious
  24. endemic.
    disease mat occurs at low level in certain area
  25. epidemic.
    breaks out in explosive proportions within population
  26. pandemic.
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