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  1. The process of managing human talent to achieve an organization’s objectives.
    Human Resources Management (HRM)
  2. The trend toward opening up foreign markets to international trade and investment
  3. Responsibility of the firm to act in the best interests of the people and communities affected by its activities.
    Corporate Responsibility
  4. Workers whose responsibilities extend beyond the physical execution of work to include planning, decision making and problem-solving.
    knowledge workers
  5. Computerized system that provides current and accurate data for purposes of control and decision-making.
    Human Resource Information Systems
  6. Change that occurs after external forces have already affected performance
    Reactive change
  7. Change initiated to take advantage of targeted opportunities.
    proactive change
  8. The business practicing of sending jobs to three countries.
  9. The process of dismissing employees who are then hired by a leasing company (which handles all HR-related activities and contracting with that
    company to lease back the employees.
    employee leasing
  10. Being aware of characteristics common to employees while also managing employees as individuals.
    Managing diversity
  11. Contracting outside the organization to have work done that formerly was
    done by internal employees.
  12. Planned elimination of jobs
  13. Fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in cost, quality, service, and speed.
    six sigma
  14. Set of principles and practices whose core ideas include understanding customer needs, doing things right the first time, and striving or continuous improvement.
    Total Quality Management
  15. The knowledge, skills and capabilities of individuals that have economic
    vale to an organization.
    Human capital
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