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  1. How much time passes in Farquhar's life between the end of section I and the end of the last section, section III?
    Just a few seconds
  2. Which of the following aspects of Farquhar is most responsible for the predicament he finds himself in?
    his devotion to the South
  3. Farquhar believes that the soldier who stops for a drink of water is a
    Federal scout.
  4. In this story, all of the following exists only in Farquhar's imagination except
    the noose's tightening around his neck.
  5. Ineffable feelings are those that you
    can't explain.
  6. To apprise someone of a problem is to
    tell about it.
  7. A goal is inaccessible if it
    can't be achieved.
  8. An accident that you evade is one that you end up
    not having.
  9. One would be most likely to describe a movie as interminable if it is
  10. The attitude of the soldiers toward hanging Farquhar is one of
  11. In this story, Farquhar is least devoted to
    law and order.
  12. The soldier who stops at Farquhar's home for a drink of water is actually
    a spy
  13. The writer most probably intended the ending of this story to be
  14. Farquhar is most probably being hanged for
    plotting to set fire to Owl Creek Bridge
  15. All of the following phrases describe Farquhar's social position except
    military officer.
  16. When the narrator describes Simon Wheeler and his tall tale, he appears to be
  17. According to Jim Smiley, a frog can become a great jumper if it is
    shown affection.
  18. The example that best shows Smiley's addiction to gambling with disregard for anything else is the bet he places on
    Parson Walker's wife.
  19. The stranger got the best of Jim Smiley by
    filling Dan'l Webster with lead.
  20. Which is most likely to seem interminable?
    a five-hour movie
  21. If you conjecture, you are making a
  22. Which person is most likely to be infamous
    a bank robber
  23. A garrulous man is one who
    talks too much.
  24. Which activity generally requires the most finesse?
    playing pool
  25. The tone of this story can best be described as
  26. Why was Smiley so eager to catch up with the stranger?
    The stranger tricked him out of his money.
  27. Dan'l Webster "was planted as solid as a church" is an example of
    a simile.
  28. Andrew Jackson would take a severe beating at the start of each fight so that
    Smiley could increase the bets against him.
  29. The first narrator suspects that
    his friend back East had set him up.
  30. The climax in the plot of the story about Smiley's frog occurs when
    Smiley discovers the quail shot.
  31. The narrator disagrees with medical specialists about the benefits or drawbacks of
    mental stimulation.
  32. John, the narrator's husband, believes that her condition is a result of
  33. The narrator believes that the woman behind the wallpaper pattern is
  34. The narrator believes that John and his sister Jennie are being influenced by
    the wallpaper.
  35. The narrator eventually wants to remain in the house in order to
    study the wallpaper.
  36. At the end of the story, the narrator believes that she is
    the woman in the wallpaper.
  37. A person with perseverance is least likely to be called a
  38. In which kind of dancing are the movements most likely to be described as undulating?
    Hula dancing
  39. A querulous person is someone who is
    hard to please.
  40. You would laugh with derision at a suggestion that you thought was
  41. It is impossible for an inanimate object to
    feel pain
  42. The narrator and John, her husband, have moved to the country in order to allow the narrator to rest.
  43. At the beginning of the story, the narrator feels that the yellow wallpaper is
    ugly and annoying.
  44. John has all of the following reasons for refusing to replace the wallpaper except that
    he likes the wallpaper.
  45. John behaves the way that he does because he is
    convinced he knows best.
  46. John believes the narrator's imagination and "fancies" are
    harmful to her recovery.
  47. The story suggests that the narrator is merely imagining the wallpaper's
  48. At the end of the story, John faints from
  49. Mrs. Mallard's first reaction to the news is
  50. Mrs. Mallard realizes that what is most important to her is
  51. The realization that she has in her room changes Mrs. Mallard's view of
    the future.
  52. Those who tell Mrs. Mallard the news are trying to make sure that she
    is not suddenly shocked.
  53. Mrs. Mallard believes that seeing her dead husband's body will arouse feelings of
  54. Mrs. Mallard would be most likely to see a problem in a woman's traditional wedding vow to
    obey her husband.

    • When Mrs. Mallard wants to be alone, Josephine is concerned that her sister is
    • overcome with grief.
  55. What is the man's name in To Build a Fire?
    We never find out
  56. What is the man not quick and alert in, according to London?
    The significances of life
  57. Why is the man's beard colored amber?
    Because his tobacco has run into it
  58. What is the man fearful of as he walks along the trail?
    Hidden springs
  59. What does the man frequently do with his hands to warm them?
    He beats them against his legs
  60. What condescending word does the man use for the old-timer when thinking about his?
  61. How, according to London, does the dog know about the dangers of the cold?
    It has inherited knowledge of the cold
  62. What two words does London use in describing both accidents?
    It happened
  63. The old-timer who warned the man not to go out alone is symbolic of a
  64. According to the story, Desiree was found
    In the shadow of the big stone pillar
  65. From the way Armands love is described, driving "headlong over all obstacles," we can determine that
    He truly loves Desiree, often acts out of impulse, and may act irrationally later in the story.
  66. The description of Armand's face as "dark, handsome" suggests that
    He may be partly black--of mixed race
  67. When Madame Valmonde sees the baby, her exclamation of "This is not the baby!" was the result of her
    Noticing that the baby's skin had begun to turn dark.
  68. The main point of having Armand state to Desiree, "you are not white" is to
    Show irony since it is Armand who is of mixed race.
  69. According to the passage where Desiree tells her mother, "I shall die. I must die. I cannot be so unhappy and live," we can infer that
    Desiree is suicidal.
  70. When the author states that Armand's "face had not often been disfigured by frowns since the day he fell in love with" Desiree, we can assume that
    She has had a positive influence on him.
  71. The attitude of the author toward Desiree, in general, is that
    She does not deserve her husband's racist outrage.
  72. Desiree's ironic situation and ultimate death is similar to
    Mrs. Mallard's heart attack at seeing her husband alive in The Story of an Hour.
  73. According to the letter that Armand found at the end of the story, Armand discovers that
    His mother was black
  74. From the date that "Desiree's Baby" was first published (January 14, 1893), we can determine that this piece is most likely
    A Realist work of fiction.
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