Anatomical Terms

  1. Anterior/ventral
    toward the front of the body
  2. Caudal/Caudad
    toward the back of the body
  3. Ipsailateral
    situated on the same side
  4. Contralateral
    Situated on the opposite side
  5. Peripheral
    marginal, away form the center
  6. Visceral
    pertaining to the organs within a cavity
  7. Sagittal Plane
    the longitudinal plane dividing the opera body from the lower
  8. Transversal Plane
    dividing the upper and the lower body
  9. endo
  10. peri
  11. medo
  12. Hypo
  13. Ante
    before/in front of
  14. endoscopy
    to look inside
  15. hypertonia
    blood pressure to high
  16. hypotonia
    blood pressure to low
  17. antecolic space
    space before the colon
  18. -otomy
    cutting into
  19. -oscopy
    • examination by visualization of the inside
    • ex- laparoscopy
  20. plasty
    restorative/reconstructive procedure
  21. -ectomy
    surgical removal (of appendectomy)
  22. -itis
  23. -orrhaphy
    surgical procedure to gather up tissue
  24. -pexy
    surgical reposition and fixation
  25. mobilization
    surgically freeing up an organ from it's adjoining structures
  26. exstirpate/exsirpation
    total surgical remove of an organ or structure
  27. eversion
    to turn inside out
  28. inversion
    to turn outside in
  29. Lysis
    general for freeing
  30. Anastomosis
    surgical joining of two hollow organs or structures with sutures or clips
  31. "They oversew"
    putting in extra sutures
  32. "They ligate"
    ligature, to tie off (usually blood vessels)
  33. Palliative Procedure
    an operation performed to relieve symptoms rather than to cure them
  34. edema
    accumulation of fluids from previous blood vessels or lymphatic vessels between tissue layers
  35. stasis
    standstill of a flow of blood
  36. Hematoma
    escape of blood out of the vessels
  37. erosion
    a flat circumscripted lesion of tissue
  38. ulcer
    a deeper circumscripted lesion of tissue
  39. rupture
    disconnection of tissue of an organ or structure
  40. necrosis
    death of tissue
  41. Subcutaneous tissue
    a fatty layer under the skin
  42. Fascia
    a later of firm connective tissue that covers muscles
  43. Peritoneum
    a thin shining membranous lining of abdominal cavity beneath posterior fascia
  44. Meso
    means a duplication of peritoneum to fix bowels at the dorsal abdominal wall and where blood take course
  45. Caudal
    towards the tall end of the long axis
  46. sublay
    place mesh under abdominal wall
  47. inlay
    place mesh within abdominal wall
  48. onlay
    place mesh on top of abdominal wall
  49. Peritoneum
    thin membrane that lines the abdominal and pelvic cavities, and covers most abdominal viscera
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