Philosophy #1

  1. ethical theory
    an account that provides a principle for determining what is right and what is wrong.
  2. cultural relativism
    “x” is right when the culture in which it occurs say so.
  3. individual relativism
    “x” is right when the person relating to “x” thinks so.
  4. divine command theory
    “x” is right if some divine being wills it to be.
  5. cultural differences argument
    different cultures disagree about moral norms so, cultural relativism: the truth about morality is relative to cultures.
  6. oppression
    restricting rights & keeping people down
  7. social groups
    logically prior to the individual- they help constitute the individuals identity in society.
  8. frye's 1st definition of sexism
    anything that exploits an irrelevant feature of sex.
  9. virtue eithics
    a characteristic that makes something excellent
  10. aritsotle virtue approach theory:
    • established an ideal of what a human is.
    • need to know purpose in order to see if excellent
    • final cause is its purpose
  11. rational animal
    what makes us different from other animals is our reason, language
  12. 3 components of people:
    • 1.) rational ability
    • 2.) sensation and motion (animal)
    • 3.) nutrition (vegetation)
  13. intellectual virtues
    set up excellence.
  14. moral virtues
    reason/regulation our animal behavior.
  15. two features of moral virtue:
    • 1.) it is a habit
    • a disposition to act
    • a character trait
    • 2.) moral virtue is the mean
    • doctrine of the mean
  16. hierarchy of ethics:
    Happiness is the ultimate goal.
  17. sex-marking
    register the sex category of another and change my behavior accordingly.
  18. sex-announcing
    proclaim my sex category to others through behavior and signs.
  19. sex-recognition
    there is a compulsion felt to categorize people in order to relate to them.
  20. Natural law ethics:
    the moral order can be read from the natural order
  21. everything exists:
    • 1.) preserve your own being
    • 2.) transmit [reproduce/multiply] your being
    • 3.) "Aristotle" Reason and love are infinite capacities
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