comp pt wk 6

  1. which are the glands of internal secretion, secrete hormones within the nervous system and maintain homeostasis?
    endocrine glands
  2. in the endocrine glands, how are hormones transported?
    by blood or lymph
  3. how do hormones act to control hormones of other glands? (2 ways)
    directly and indirectly
  4. name the 6 major endocrine glands
    • pituitary
    • thyroid
    • parathyroid
    • pancreas
    • adrenals
    • gonads
  5. ______ _______ is the master gland
    anterior pituitary
  6. the anterior pituitary regulates the ______ of hormones by other glands
  7. how is the pituitary gland regulated?
    by the hormones of other glands
  8. when are hormones secreted?
    as needed
  9. T/F hormones of the reproductive system have no effect on the development and function of the individual
    FALSE! they DO have an effect!
  10. ages ___ - ___ is considered adolescence
  11. early age of adolescence and puberty = ___-___
  12. middle adolescence and puberty age is ___-___
  13. late adolescence and puberty age = ___-___
  14. _________ is a dynamic period of development and marked by rapid changes in body, size, shape, and composition
  15. T/F males begin puberty before females
    FALSE! females come first!
  16. at what age do secondary sex characteristics for females appear? (___-___) For males? (___-___)
    • females = 10-13
    • males = 13-14
  17. ___-___ years is when changes during puberty are complete
    3-4 long ugly years
  18. what are the three health basics that teens need during physical development?
    • 1. fuel
    • 2. activity
    • 3. rest
  19. pituitary hormones control the hormones produced by the _____ and _____.
    ovaries and testes
  20. what are the hormones produced by ovaries called?
  21. what are the hormones produced by testes called?
  22. what are responsible for the development of sex organs, accessory sex organs, and secondary sex characteristics? (hint: hormones)
    estrogens and androgens
  23. T/F hormones have strong physical, mental, and emotional influences on the body
  24. for females, when is the accelerated growth spurt between?
    ages 11-14
  25. what are the 4 sex organs in the female development?
    • fallopian tubes
    • uterus
    • vagina
    • breasts
  26. the growth of pubic hair, axillary hair, increased height, enlargement of pelvis, fat on the hips, and voice dropping 1-2 tones all suck, but they are considered the ____________ sex characteristics.
  27. T/F menstruation may precede the first ovulation
  28. during male development, what increases in size? (2) what begins?
    • increase in testes and scrotum
    • begin spermatogenesis
  29. what are the male sex organs? (4)
    • vas deferens
    • seminal vesicles
    • prostate
    • dont forget their penis (whether they are chinese or not, its still accounted for)!
  30. growth of _____, _____, and _____ hair as well as voice deepening, are examples of secondary sex characteristics of males
    facial, pubic, axillary
  31. males increase in height, _____ volume, and _____.
    • muscle volume
    • mass
  32. when is the male growth spurt stage?
    between 12-16 years
  33. what is the bridge between childhood and adulthood?
  34. when are nutritional requirements for males and females highest?
    • anytime for males
    • only for pregnancy in females (i beg to differ!)
  35. what is the most common for boys and girls?
    under nutrition (sad!)
  36. boys usually have over ______ and poor ____ selection
    • over activity
    • poor food selection
  37. girls have ______ food restriction, _____ food selection, and diets in the attempt to be _____.
    • voluntary food selection
    • poor food selection
    • thin
  38. when do girls tend to have iron deficiency anemia?
    teenage right after menstruation
  39. how is iron deficiency treated?
    with iron(man) supplements and changes in diet
  40. when there is a teenager, would they most likely prefer to be treated as a child or adult?
  41. T/F teachers, coaches, and health professionals can have a powerful impact on teenagers
  42. T/F since girls mature earlier than boys, they are usually taller. this may cause problems socially.
    true and true
  43. acne vulgaris results from over activity of __________ ________
    sebaceous gland
  44. dental caries incidence is higher during ____________, especially in areas without fl2 in water
  45. is it common for adolescence to have gingival problems
    you bet your bottom dollar it is!
  46. T/F clinical changes and hormonal changes can be related to increase biofilm
  47. is induced gingivitis an exaggerated response to biofilm?
  48. what is a local factor that is a risk for periodontitis?
  49. these are all examples of _________ _________ for __________
    untreated caries and defective restorations
    ortho appliances
    oral hygiene
    infrequent, inadequate dental hygiene and care
    socioeconomic influences
    use of tobacco
    systemic diseases (diabetes and hematological)
    hose immune factors
    genetic factors
    risk factors for periodontitis
  50. destructive perio is either _______ or ________
    aggressive or chronic
  51. loss of perio attachment and supporting bone is evident in 5-47% of _________ around the world
  52. what is LAP?
    localized aggressive periodontitis
  53. severe bone loss involving the permanent molars, incisors, proximal surface attachment loss on at least 2 permanent teeth is called:
    localized aggressive periodontitis (LAP)
  54. what is diagnosed during the circumpubertal years?
  55. actinbaccilus actinmycetemcomitans is a _______ microorganism that can invade ________
    • powerful
    • tissue
  56. what does GAP stand for?
    • no, not gay american is
    • generalized aggressive periodontitis!
  57. generalized proximal surface attachment loss affecting at least 3 permanent teeth other than the first molars and incisors is called:
    generalized aggressive periodontitis (GAP)
  58. this type of periodontitis occurs in people under 30 years of age
    GAP (generalized aggressive periodontitis) only people under 30 shop at the GAP
  59. microflora found in perio pockets of GAP have similaritites to the microflora of _______ _______ perio
    chronic adult perio
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