Chapter 17

  1. The reason for the failure of the League of Nations
    America didn't join.
  2. Ruhr Valley
    Germany's industrial mining center
  3. The Dawes plan
    We loaded Germany $200 million dollars so they could pay reparations
  4. Resons for the start of the Great Depression
    • 1) Low Economy
    • 2) Crash of the stock market
  5. Weimar Republic
    a German democratic state formed when Willian II left Germany
  6. collective bargaining
    the right of union to negotiate with employers over wages and hours
  7. John Maynard Keynes
    "unemployment came from not overproduction, but from a decline in demand."
  8. deficit spending
    going into dept
  9. Social Security Act
    Plan to take out money from a person's pay check that they get whenever they retire.
  10. States that stayed democratic
    Great Britian, France, and Czecholslavakia
  11. totalitarian
    dictatorship with total control
  12. fascism
    political system, favoring state over individal
  13. Blackshirts
    Squadrsti (armed fascist)
  14. OURA
    fascist secret police
  15. Lateran Accords
    Gave Catholics control of the Vatical City
  16. New Economic Policy
    modification of old capitalist system
  17. Politburo
    leading policy maker
  18. Party general secretary
    Stalin's possition, he appointed other party officials. With this he gained control and became dictator.
  19. collectivization
    a system in which government owned the land and peasents and worked it.
  20. The Great Purge of the 1930's
    Stalin's plan to kill everyone who was against him
  21. Francisco Franco
    led a spanish rebellion
  22. National Socialist German Worker's Party
    Nazi Party
  23. Beer Hall Putsch
    when Nazis tried to seize power by marching on city hall in Munich
  24. "Mien Kampf"
    Hitler's autobiography
  25. lenensraum
    living space
  26. Reichstag
    lower house of parliment
  27. Enabling Act
    gave German government power to ignore the constitution for 4 years in oder to deal with the country's problems.
  28. Fuhrer
  29. Aryan nation
    nation of people completely not jewish created by Hitler
  30. SS
    German secret police
  31. SS principles
    terror and ideology
  32. SS leader
    Heinrish Himmler
  33. Place where Nazi rallies were held
  34. Nuremburg Laws
    • 1) Jew were banned from citizenship
    • 2) Forbidden marrige between Jews and Germans
    • 3)Jews had to carry ID cards and wear a star of david
  35. Kristallnacht
    "night of shattered glass" ; November 9
  36. Salvador Dali
    Surrealist painter
  37. Uncertainty Principle
    suggested that all physical principles were based off randomness ; Heisenburg
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