English Pre-AP vocab set 7

  1. Diction
    Dependent upon choice of words-- Much Ado About Nothing contained many examples of diction
  2. Didactic/Didactic Literature
    Instructive literature-- A dictionary is an example of didactic literature
  3. Dionysian
    Recklessly uninhibited or unrestrained-- Dionysian Romeo asked Juliet to marry him.
  4. Dirge
    A funeral song or tune-- Dirges are typically played at funerals.
  5. Discourse
    To treat a subject formally in speech or writing-- Writing a letter is an example of discourse
  6. Dissonance
    Inharmonious or harsh sound-- Balthasar's music in Act 2 Scene 3 of Much Ado About Nothing was considered dissonance.
  7. Doggerel
    Rude, crude, or poor-- The doggerel man was coughing all over the random strangers
  8. Dystopia
    Society characterized as human misery-- Verona was a dystopia when Juliet was claimed "dead".
  9. Eclogue
    A pastoral poem, often in dialogue form-- Juliet's balcony scene had some eclogue.
  10. Elision
    The omission of a vowel, consonant, or syllable in pronunciation-- Dogberry's dialogue contained some elision
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English Pre-AP vocab set 7
English Pre-AP vocab set 7