Intro to sociology

  1. Race
    group with biological characteristics
  2. myth 1
    • idea that any race is superior
    • * all races have geniuses and idiots
  3. myth 2
    • idea that nay race is pure.
    • *human charachterisics flow endlessly together
  4. ethnicity
    groups that shara a cultural background common ancestry, religion, and food.
  5. enthnic
    cultural characterisitcs. refer to people who identify with one another on the basis of common ancestry and clutureal heritage.
  6. minority group
    people singled out for unequal treatment by dominant groups
  7. dominant groups
    groups with wealth, power and privileges
  8. minority groups
    • not necessarily small in number
    • * membership is an ascribed status.
    • *physical or cultural traits held in low esteem by dominant group.
    • *unwgual treatment
    • *marry within own group
    • *feel strong group solidarity.
  9. discrimination
    an action
  10. prejudice
    an attitude
  11. KKK
    learn from association
  12. hartley study
    far-reaching nature of prejudice
  13. frustration and scapegoats
    people who are unable to strick out at the real source of their frustration look for someone to blame
  14. the authoritarian personality
    theordor adorno created a survey which measured: ethnocentirism, anti-semitism, and support for strong, authoritarian leaders and found that these criteria were connected
  15. functionalist
    • sherif study
    • * prejudice is functional as it brings people together.'
    • * can create negative stereotypes (dsyfuncution)
  16. Conflict
    prejudice is beneficial to the dominant group as it keeps minority groups oppressed.

    *power split labor force
  17. symbolic interactionist
    lables lead to selective perception- we see what we want to see
  18. global patterns of intergroup relations
    • *genocide
    • *population transfer
    • *internal coloialism
    • *segregation
    • *assimilation
    • *multiculturalism
  19. race and ethnic relations in the united states
    european americans

    * nations founders incleded only those from england (WASPs)

    *Other "white" europeans inferior
  20. latinos
    the largest racial/ethnic/minority group in the u.s. totaling over 42 million

    country of origin is significant

    the u.s. is the largest spanish-speaking nation in the world

    underrapresened in politics

    campared with whites and asican americans, lations have less income,higher umemployment and poverty.
  21. african americans
    after slavery was abolished, the southern states passed legislation to segregate blacks and whites.

    1964-watts riots-caused by "rising expectations"

    1968-second civil rights act passed

    remarkable gains have been made in politics, edu, and jobs

    half of all african american families make more than $35,000 per year.
  22. Asian american
    The model minority

    background of discrimination

    diversity amoung subgroups

    • reason for success
    • -family life
    • -educational achievement
    • -assimilation
  23. native americans
    from treaties to genocide and population transfer

    the invisible minority and self-determination

    diversity in tribes

    highest rate of alcoholism and suicide among the mjor races

    42% live in inadequate housing on reservations

    many are moving to the cities
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