sumpathomimetic/parasympatholytic bronchodilators

  1. what is a sumpathomimetic bronchodilator
    stimulates sympathetic nervous system/ fight or flight/ vasoconstrictions or bronchodilation
  2. name some sympathomimetic bronchodilator
    • racemic epinephrine-- micronefrin, vaponefrin
    • metaproterenol-- alupent, metaprel
    • albuterol-- preventil, ventolin
    • levalbuterol-- xoponex
    • salmeterol-- serevent
    • formeterol-- foradil
    • arformoterol-- brovana
  3. raremic epinephrine stimulates which receptor
    beta= inc hr
  4. albuterol is which type of receptor
    beta 2= relax bronchial smooth mucles (bronchodilation)
  5. what are the dosages for albuterol
  6. xopenex-- levelbuterol is similar to albuterol but what is the req dosages
    .63-1.25 mg 3x per day
  7. which broncho is a long-acting beta2 agonist
  8. is salmeterol--serevent available in DPI form
    yes/ 2x daily
  9. what is duoneb
    combination of albuterol and iprotropium bromid (atrovent)

    is a anticholinergic (blocks acetylcysteine, acts topically in the lung instead of systemically)
  10. what is the dosages for duoneb
    .5mg atrovent / 2.5mg albuterol
  11. what is the name of the MDI form of duoneb and what is the dosages

    18 mcg atrovent / 90 mcg albuterol
  12. what is a parasympatholytic (anticholonergic) brochodilator
    blocks Acetylcholine

    asthma pt maintenance treatment of COPD
  13. what is another name for spiriva
    tiotropium bromide
  14. name the parasympatholytic bronchodilators
    • atropine sulfate
    • ipratropium bromide (atrovent)
    • tiotropium bromid (spiriva)
  15. ach causes
    bronchoconstriction, dec hr, inc mucus production
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sumpathomimetic/parasympatholytic bronchodilators
sumpathomimetic/parasympatholytic bronchodilators