1. What is wavelength?
    Distance between any two consecutive identical points along a wave; distance interval for wave repitition.
  2. what is amplitude?
    • 1/2 of crest to trough distance.
    • maximum displacement for equilibrium on either side.
  3. What is a crest?
    Point of maximum positive displacement. a+ peak.
  4. what is a trough?
    a maximum negative displacement; a - peak
  5. what is Equilibrium?
    Point (or line) of Zero displacement; undisturbed position.
  6. What is a Cycle?
    • One complete vibration or Oscillation.
    • The distance measured from crest to crest.
  7. What is a Period?
    • The time it takes for one wave to repeat itself.
    • Time / # of Cycles
  8. What is Frequency?
    # of Cycles/ time
  9. A moving distrubance requiring a material medium to move in it is called
    Machanical Wave
  10. A wave in whcih the medium vibrates parallel to the direction of wave travel is a
    Longitudinal wave
  11. As a mechanical wave travels, it transfers an amount of------ related to the waves amplitude.
  12. Frequency has a SI unit of
    Hz (or s-1)
  13. What does SHM stand for?
    Simple Harmonic Motion
  14. At a constant speed, if the wavelength increases, then the frequency of the wave must
  15. if the wavelength increases, then the speed of the wave must...
    stay constant
  16. the relationship between wavelenth and frequency is a(n)
    inverse relationship
  17. The speed of an mechanical wave can be varied only by changing the
  18. If a wave propigates at one cycle every 1 second, then it has a ____ of 1s.
  19. Period is defined as
    time for one cycle
  20. This is not an example of SHM
    a record rotation on a turntable..
  21. this is an example of SHM
    a child swinging on a swing.
  22. amplitude is defined as the
    maximum displacement from equilibrium
  23. For SHM where do the force and acceleration have maximum magnitude?
    At the crest and the trough of a wave.
  24. For SHM where does maximum velocity occur?
    At equilibrium
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