Verbs for Test

  1. to decide
  2. to hope, expect, wait
  3. to succeed in
  4. to prefer
    preferir (e-ie)
  5. to want
    querer (e-ie)
  6. to be used to, accustomed to
    soler (o-ue)
  7. to approach
    acercarse a
  8. to be accustomed to
    acostumbrarse a
  9. to encourage to
    animar a
  10. to learn to
    aprender a
  11. to dare to
    atreverse a
  12. to help
    ayudar a
  13. to go down to
    bajar a
  14. to begin to
    comenzar a (e-ie)
  15. to take care of
    cuidar a/de
  16. to decide to
    decidirse a
  17. to devote oneself to
    dedicarse a
  18. to get ready to
    disponerse a
  19. to begin to
    echar(se) a / empezar a (e-ie)
  20. to show how, teach to
    enseñar a
  21. to invite to
    invitar a
  22. to be going to
    ir a
  23. to get to, succeed in
    llegar a
  24. to lead to
    llevar a
  25. to start to
    meterse a
  26. to refuse to
    negarse a (e-ie)
  27. to force, compel to
    obligar a
  28. to persuade to
    persuadir a
  29. to begin to
    ponerse a
  30. to get ready to
    prepararse a
  31. to give up doing something, quit
    renunciar a
  32. to do (something) again
    volver a (o-ue)
  33. to have just (done something)
    acabar de
  34. to remember
    acordarse de (o-ue)
  35. to regret
    arrepentirse de (e-ie)
  36. to be ashamed of
    avergonzarse de (o-üe)
  37. to stop
    dejar de / terminar de
  38. to take charge of
    encargarse de
  39. to boast of
    jactarse de
  40. to forget
    olvidarse de
  41. to boast about
    presumir de
  42. to try to
    tratar de
  43. to consent, agree to
    consentir en (e-ie)
  44. to consist of
    consistir en
  45. to delay, put off, take long in
    demorar en / tardar en
  46. to hesitate over
    dudar en
  47. to insist on, be determined to
    empeñarse en
  48. to strive, try hard, make an effort
    esforzarse en / por (o-ue)
  49. to insist on
    insistir en
  50. to be interested in
    interesarse en / por
  51. to agree to
    quedar en
  52. to hesitate over
    vacilar en
  53. to threaten to
    amenazar con
  54. to count on, rely on
    contar con (o-ue)
  55. to dream of, about
    soñar con (o-ue)
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