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  1. What CN are associated with Taste buds of the tongue?
    • VII, IX, X
    • ***all VA
  2. What is the gland at the base of the circular furrow surrounding the circumvalate papillae?
    Ebner gland
  3. What is the order of ducts from the salivary gland to the terminal duct opening?
    Intercalated duct > striated duct> Intralobular > Interlobular > Intralobar > Interlobar > Terminal duct
  4. What are the cortex and medulla of the adrenal gland derived from?
    • Cortex: Mesoderm
    • Medulla: Neural Crest
  5. What are the three layers of the cortext of the adrenal gland?
    • Glomerulosa
    • Fasciculata
    • Reticularis
  6. What activates the three layers of the cortex?
    • Glomerulosa: Renin-angiotensin = ADH
    • Fasciculata: ACTH = glucocorticoids (androgens)
    • Reticularis: ACTH = glucocorticoids (androgens)
  7. What activates the chromaffin cells of the medulla?
  8. What is released from the chromaffin cells of the medulla?
    NE and Epinephrine
  9. What are the three "S's" and what area of the adrenal gland are they associated with?
    • Salt = G
    • Sugar = F
    • Sex = R
  10. When do the pharyngeal arches appear?
    4-5th week
  11. When do the pharyngeal arches differentiate?
    Wk 6
  12. What are the numbers of the pharyngeal arches?
    I, II, III, IV, VI
  13. What is the name of the primitive mouth?
  14. What are the names of the two portions of arch I?
    • Maxillary
    • Mandibular
  15. What CN innervates the maxillary regions of arch I?
  16. What CN innervates the mandibular regions of arch I?
  17. The nasal septum lies within what part of the palate during formation?
    Secondary palate (maxillary prominence)
  18. At what week do the Palatal shelves rotate up to begin fusing and to separate the oral from the nasal cavity?
    7th week
  19. When do the medial nasal prominences fuse to form the philtrum?
    10 weeks
  20. When does the buccopharyngeal membrane zip up to make the stomadeum into a mouth?
    10 weeks
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