Jane Eyre 10-15.txt

  1. What does Jane mean at the beginning of chapter 10 when she says, "During these eight years, my life was uniform..."?
    Everything that happened in those years was constantly the same
  2. How does Jane scheme to leave Lowood? What must she do because she is a woman?
    She puts an advertisment in a newspaper, be a governess
  3. What is Thornfield like?
    It is comfortable and pleasant, but mysterious
  4. Who is Mrs. Fairfax, what did she do, and how did she treat Jane?
    She is the housekeeper at Thornfield and she treated her very well
  5. Where does Mr. Rochester say Adele comes from?
    she is his ex-girlfriend's daughter who might have been his daughter too-her mother abandoned her so he brought her to Thornfield
  6. How many years did Jane stay at Lowood past education?
  7. What did Jane do after education at Lowood and before Thornfield?
    she was a teacher at Lowood
  8. What motivated Jane to leave Lowood?
    Miss Temple leaving to get married
  9. Why does Jane search for employment away from her beloved school?
    She likes new experiences and adventure; she was bored
  10. What is the name of Mr. Rochester's dog?
  11. Who visits Jane before she leaves Lowood and how does she feel?
    Bessie, she is excited and surprised
  12. How does Mr. Rochester feel about Jane's abilities to teach Adele?
    he is pleased that she is helping Adele making vast improvements
  13. Which Reed daughter almost ran off and married a lord? Who was envious and told Mrs. Reed and stopped her?
    Georgiana; Eliza
  14. Who came to Gateshead in search of Jane but did not have a chance to see her at Lowood?
    her father or uncle
  15. What happened to John Reed; How does Mrs. Reed feel about this?
    He flunked out of college and he lives at home using up Mrs. Reed's money; she is not happy
  16. What happened at Lowood after the typhus was gone?
    conditions improved
  17. Who owns Thornfield
    Mr. Rochester
  18. Who is the girl Jane will be tutoring and where is she from?
    Adele, France
  19. Who is the one that is mysteriously laughing?
    Grace Poole
  20. What does Jane enjoy about Thornfield?
    the landscape
  21. Who does Jane think fell of the horse?
    Mr. Rochester
  22. Is Mr. Rochester more rude or polite?
  23. Mr. Rochester inherited Thornfield from...
    his brother
  24. When Mr. Rochester drunkenly asks Jane if she finds him handsome, she says..
  25. Adele's mother is...
    Celine Varens
  26. How does Jane save Mr. Rochester's life?
    she puts out a fire in his room
  27. Who does Jane think started the fire?
    Grace Poole
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