CFI Pharmacology

  1. Adverse Effect
    General term for undesirable and potentially harmful drug effect
  2. Agonist
    Drug that binds to its receptor and produces a drug action
  3. Antagonist
    drug that binds to its receptor and prevents orther drugs or substances from producing an effect
  4. Chemical name
    name that defines the chemical composition of a drug
  5. Contraindications
    Situations or conditions when a certain drug should not be administered
  6. Controlled substance
    Drug that has the potntial for abuse and thus is regulated by law
  7. Dose
    Exact amount of a drug that is administered in order to produce a specific effect
  8. Drug
    Chemical substance that produces a change in body function
  9. Drug Indications
    Intended or indicated uses for any drug
  10. ED50
    Effective does 50, or dose that will produce an effect that is half of the maximal response
  11. Generic name
    nonproprietary, or common, anme of a drug
  12. LD50
    Letal dose 50, or dose that will kill 50 percent of the animals tested
  13. Mechanism of action
    Explanation of how a drug produces its effects
  14. Nonprescription, over-the-counter (OTC) drug
    drug that can be purchased without the services of a physician
  15. Pharmacology
    study of drugs
  16. Potency
    Measure of the strength, or concentration, of a drug required to produce a specific effect
  17. Prescription Drug
    drug for which dispensing requires a written or phone order that can only be issued by or under the direciton of a licensed physician
  18. Receptor
    Specific location on a cell membrane or within the cell where a drug attaches to produce its effect
  19. Side effect
    drug effect other than the therapeutic effect that is usually undesirable but not harmful
  20. Site of action
    Location within the body where a drug exerts its therapeutic effect, often a type of specific receptor
  21. Therapeutic effect
    Desired drug effect to alleviate some condition or symptom of disease
  22. Therapeutic Index
    Ratio of the LD50 to the ED50
  23. Toxic effect
    undesirable drug effect that implies drug poisoning; can be very harmful or life-threatening
  24. Trade name
    Patented proprietary name of drug sold by a specific drug manufacturer
  25. Decimal
    Another way to write a fraction when the demominator is 10, 100, 1000, and so on.
  26. Denominator
    bottom number of a fraction; shows the number of parts in a whole
  27. Fraction
    part of a whole
  28. Improper fraction
    fraction that has a value equal to or greater than 1
  29. Mixed number
    number written with both a whole number and a fraction
  30. Numerator
    Top number fo a fraction; shows the part
  31. Percent
    decimal fraction has a value less than 1
  32. Proper fraction
    fraction that has a value less than 1
  33. Proportion
    a mathematical equation that expresses the equality between two ratios
  34. Ratio
    The relationship of one number to another expressed by whole number (1:5) or as a fraction (1/5)
  35. Solute
    substance dissolved in a solvent; usually present in a lesser amount
  36. Solution
    homogeneous mixture of two or more substances
  37. Solvent
    Liquid portion of a solution that is capable of dissolving another substance
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