History 2/23/11

  1. Alfred Thayer Mahan
    US naval officer who wrote The Influence of the Sea Power upon History (1890) to convince America that they needed to have a large-standing military force if they were going to become a world power; his writings influenced the US foreign policy an dthe US Navy modernized and defeated its Spanish counterpart at the end of the decade
  2. Albert J. Beveridge
    Republican politician and historian; appeal of imperialism; pro-empire
  3. William James
    anti-imperialist philosopher who wrote "The Philippines Tangle"
  4. R.C. Bowman
    cartoonist for the Minneapolis Tribune
  5. Mark Twain
    wrote "To the Person Sitting in Darkness"; satirist; member of the Anti-Imperialist League
  6. Empire and Anti-Empire Writers
    • Alfred Thayer Mahan
    • Albert J. Beveridge
    • William James
    • R.C. Bowman
    • Mark Twain
  7. Robert M. La Follette
    Senator who criticized President Wilson's War Speech with his "Anti-War Speech"
  8. Wartime Propaganda Poster
    used to create support for the war, encourage purchase of government bonds, increase enlistment in the armed forces, and ensure compliance with various wartime programs
  9. George Creel
    head of the Committee on Public Information; used to fight war propaganda
  10. W.E.B. Du Bois
    wrote "Returning Soldiers" - about the postwar disillusionment of African Americans who had hoped that the war would make America, as well as the world, "safe for democracy"
  11. War/American State writers
    • Robert M. La Follette
    • George Creel
    • W.E.B. Du Bois
  12. Theodore Roosevelt
    wrote "The Struggle for Social Justice" when he got back from his safari, saw what Taft had done in the White House, and formed his own Progressive Party
  13. Woodrow Wilson
    Democratic Presidential winner who wrote "The New Freedom" - new freedcom from monopoly and its evils
  14. Louis D. Brandeis
    Lawyer and reformer who seved as a Wilson campaign advisor; defender of competition
  15. Hetch Hetchy Debate, Sweeping Back the Flood cartoon
    cartoon depicting the conflicts of the Hetchy Hetchy debate
  16. Progressive writers
    • Louis D. Brandeis
    • Theodore Roosevelt
    • Woodrwo Wilson
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