Vocab 2/14/11

  1. Ostensible adj.
    being other than seems to be the case; of questionable truth or genuineness; represented or appearing as such
  2. spurious adj
    plausible but false; lacking authenticity or validity; not genuine; false, counterfeit
  3. propagate v
    to produce, multiply; to breed; to make widely known; publicize
  4. concomitant adj
    occurring or existing concurrently; accompanying especially in a subordinate or incidental way
  5. lassitude n
    weariness, fatigue, lethargy; deficiency in mental and physical alertness and activity, such as might result from physical or mental strain
  6. deleterious adj
    bad, harmful, having an injurious effect, often in a subtle or unexpected way
  7. attenuate v, adj
    • V: to make thin or slender, fine or small; to reduce in force, value, amount or degree; weaken
    • adj: reduced, weakened; tapering gradually usually to a long slender point
  8. prodigious adj
    extraordinary, enormous; impressively great in size, force or extent, exciting amazement or wonder
  9. celerity n
    speed, rapidity, swiftness of action or motion; haste
  10. paltry adj
    lacking in importance, petty, worthless, insignificant; wretched or contemptible
  11. lissome adj
    supple; easily bent
  12. effulgent adj
    radient; brilliantly shining; shining forth resplendently
  13. bedraggled adj
    harried or in a condition of disarray, unkempt; dirty and limp
  14. albatross n
    a significant impediment, handicap or burden; a large pelican-like bird
  15. egalitarian adj
    arising from a belief in the equality of all persons; scrupulously fair toward all parties.
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Vocab 2/14/11
Vocab 2/14/11