CSIS ch 5

  1. A logical/physical model describes how the system will be constructed.
  2. Know the following
    Gane and Sarson set.
    Yourdan set
  3. Match

    1. Black Hole

    2. Spontaneous Generation Process

    3. Gray Hole

    a. a process with atleast 1 input and output, but the input is insufficient to generate the shown output

    b. a process that has no output

    c. Used to describe an unexplainable generation of data or information
    • 1. b
    • 2. c
    • 3. a
  4. A ________ is a data flow in which the same data travels to two or more different locations.
    diverging data flow
  5. List of 4 of the 6 drawing guidelines for DFDs.
    1. Draw the context diagram so that it fits on one page.

    2. Use the name of the information system as the process name in the context diagram.

    3. Use unique names within each set of symbols

    4. Do not cross lines

    5. Provide a unique name and reference number for each process

    6. Obtain user input and feedback
  6. _______ are way(s) to describe diagram 0

    a. Exploded
    b. Partitioned
    c. Decomposed
    d. None of the above
    e) All of the above
    ALL of the above
  7. Good design principles dictate that lower-level diagrams go through a ______ and ______ process.

  8. True or False

    Decision tables are a graphical representation that show a decision table's conditions, actions, and rules.
  9. List the components of the four-model approach.
    • 1. Physical model of the current system
    • 2. Logical model of the current system
    • 3. Logical model of the new system
    • 4. Physical model of the new system
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