1. Upanishads
    Philosophical materials in the Vedic literature
  2. Brahman
    Impersonal god seen as total reality in the Upanishads (priest)
  3. Atman
  4. Vishnu
    The preserver of the universe and the god of love
  5. Brahmin
    Priest (chant the Vedas)
  6. Dharma (Hinduism)
  7. Ramayana
    The love of Vishnu and Lakshmi is the central theme in the second of the greatest Indian epic poems. Focus on Rama's quest to rescue Sita when kidnapped by Rawana, king of demons
  8. Karma
    In Indian thought, that which binds one to the endless cycles of life, death, and rebirth
  9. Samsara
    In the Upanishads and in Buddhism, the endless cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth experienced by all human beings
  10. Moksha
    Release from the cycle of death and rebirth in Indian religions
  11. Devi
    The greatest goddess, represents the feminine principle in the Hindu thought
  12. Sarasvati
    Brahma's chief wife, the goddess of knowledge, speech, poetry, and wisdom
  13. Parvati
    The female elephant of the perfect loving couple. Often dispicted as the perfect wife or mother
  14. Kali
    Goddess of death
  15. Kumbha Mela
    Festival of liberation (liberty)
  16. Divali
    Hindu festival of lights at welcomes the new year
  17. Bhakti
    Devotion - "I love God"
  18. Tantra
    Magical and esoteric (secretive) practices - "I am God"
  19. Bhaharad Gita
    Teach the dharma of fighting as a warrior
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