Genetics Exam 1

  1. SSB
    Prevents reannealing of DNA
  2. Primase
    Lays down the RNA primer
  3. DNA Polymerase III
    The major polymerization enzyme
  4. DNA Polymerase I
    Chews our RNA primer
  5. DNA Gyrase
    Relaxes supercoiling
  6. Helicase
    Separates strands in the double helix
  7. Ligase
    Joins Okazaki fragments together
  8. 20 Angstroms
    Diameter of B-DNA double helix
  9. 3.4 Angstroms
    Distance between base pairs
  10. Antiparallel
    Orientation of the two strands in a double helix
  11. The histone core is made up of six different proteins (T/F)
  12. Telomerase carries the telomere repeat's template as a DNA molecule embedded within it (T/F)
  13. Topoisomerase II is one of the components of the protein scaffold that is the next stage in chromosome condensation after the solenoid. (T/F)
  14. Centromeres are highly conserved in DNA sequence when you compare across major taxonomic levels (T/F)
  15. Eukaryotic interphase chromatin is thought to be primarily at the condensation level of B-DNA (T/F)
  16. True breeding lines are heterozygous at the loci of interest (T/F)
    False. homozygous
  17. The kinetochore proteins bind to the centromere DNA (T/F)
  18. A telocentric chromosome has the centromere at the very end of the chromosome, so that no telomere is present at the end (T/F)
  19. Meiosis is a reductional division in terms of chromosome number (T/F)
  20. Genetic recombination in meiosis happens only in prophase I (T/F)
  21. The principle of segregation of alleles is also known as
    Mendel's First Law
  22. The principle of independent assortment is also known as
    Mendel's Second Law
  23. In sex-linked traits, the female donates her X chromosome to...
    both male and female progeny
  24. In sex-linked traits, the male donates his X chromosome to...
    only the female progeny
  25. Which of the following is not a deviation from Mendelian inheritance

    C) Complete dominance
  26. Leptotene
    Chromosomes start to condense
  27. Zygotene
  28. Pachytene
    Crossing over
  29. Diplotene
    Chiasmata are first seen
  30. Diakinesis
    End of Prophase I
  31. A sample of double stranded DNA was found to contain 22% G (guanine). What is the expected proportion of T (thymine)?
  32. The backbone of DNA strand is composed of:

    B) sugars and phosphates
  33. Which one of the following forces does NOT hold together the two strands of B-DNA double helix to each other?

    B) Covalent bonds
  34. In a naked DNA double helix, what is the linear dimension for a segment of DNA encompassing 100 turns?
    0.34 um
  35. In incomplete dominance, the heterozygote is distinguishable from either homozygote (T/F)
  36. The A, B, and O blood group system in humans is an example of codominance (T/F)
  37. The manx cat is an example of multiple alleles (T/F)
    False. An example of lethal allele
  38. The phenotypic ratio of a selfed dihybrid is 9:3:3:1 (T/F)
  39. The genotypic ratio of a selfed monohybrid is 3:1 (T/F)
    False. 1:2:1
  40. The direction a new DNA strand is made is
    5' to 3'
  41. The direction that the template strand is read is
    3' to 5'
  42. The enzyme that breaks the H-bonds in the double helix
  43. The proteins that prevent double helix renaturation
  44. The other name for the 3'-5' exonuclease function is...
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