English Chapter 7-9

  1. flagrant
    Shockingly obvious; outrageous
  2. venture
    to take the rish of; dare
  3. persevere
    Including all or much
  4. rehabilitate
    To restore to normal life through therapy or education
  5. comprehensive
    To countinue with an effort or plan despite difficulties
  6. turmoil
    Complete confusion; uproar
  7. calamity
    An event bringing great loss and misery
  8. fluctuate
    To vary irregularly; to go up and down or back and forth
  9. ponder
    To consider carefully; think deeply about
  10. conventional
    Customary; ordinary
  11. enigma
    A mystery or puzzle
  12. dispatch
    To send to a specific place or on specific business
  13. nocturnal
    Of, about, or happening in the night; active at night
  14. attest
    To make a statement about smething on the basis of personal experience; bear witness; testify
  15. orient
    To determine one's location or directionl to locate in relation to a direction
  16. discern
    To recongnize; detect
  17. enhance
    To improvel add to the strength, beauty, or value of something.
  18. mobile
    Moving or able to move from place to place
  19. attribute
    A quality or feature of a person or thing
  20. exemplify
    To be an example of; reprecent; be typical of
  21. constitute
    To make up; be the parts of
  22. default
    To fail to do something required
  23. predominant
    Most common or most notiveable
  24. prerequisite
    Something required beforehand
  25. confiscate
    To seize with authority; legally take possession of
  26. decipher
    To interpret or read
  27. nominal
    Slight; very small compared with what might be expected
  28. concurrent
    Happening or existing at the same time; simutaneous
  29. recession
    A temporary decline in business
  30. hypothetical
    Supposed for the sake of arument or examination; imaginary; theoretical
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