history quiz

  1. Blaine
    Politician, represented maine in congress, reconstruction/ church-state seperation, secretary of state for Garfield and Aurthur
  2. Mahan
    Naval officer, "the influence of Sea Power Upon History," need strong miliraty force
  3. Beveridge
    Politician & historian, "The March of the flag," strong emotional appeal of imperialism made for good politics
  4. James
    Anti-imperailist, "The Phillipine Tangle"
  5. Bowman
    Cartoonist for Mineapolis Tribune
  6. Twain
    Opposed the aquisition of colonies founded the American Anti- Impearlist League. "to the person sitting in darkness"
  7. La Follette
    Senator, critical of Willson. Rebutes the president point by point. Anti war speech.
  8. War Time Propoganda Posters
    Encourage the presence of gov. bonds during liberty loan, increase enlistment, ensure complience, create war support
  9. Creel
    Head of Committe on information
  10. Du Bois
    Gave African American war support
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history quiz
names/accomplishments blaine, mahan, bevridege, james, bowman, twain, la follete, creel