1. In the Scottish highlands, you might cross _________, treeless, windy areas with damp ground.
  2. The United Kingdom has a form of government called a ___________________________, in which voters elect representatives to the Parliament.
    parlimentary democracy
  3. The United Kingdom is a___________________ because a king or quen is the official head of state.
    constitutional monarchy
  4. In Norway, steep-sided valleys that cut into the sea are called__________and provide sheltered harbors.
  5. Many Finns relax in rooms heated by hot stones. The rooms are called____________.
  6. Most of the network of rivers that connects the regions of France are_______________, or wide and deep enough to allow the the passage of ships.
  7. In spring and summer, hot dry winds called__________ blow across Italy from North Africa.
  8. The difficult task of bringing East and West Germany together again is called __________________.
  9. The united Germany is a ____________________, in wich the national government and the state governments share powers.
    federal republic
  10. The Dutch build dikes to control and confine the sea. They they pump the wetlands dry. These drained wetlands are called ____________.
  11. Luxembourg is prosperous because many _______________________, or firms that do business in several countries, have their headquarters there.
    multinational companies
  12. Spain, Portugal, and Andorra are located on the ________________.
    Iberian Peninsula
  13. Much of the interior of the Iberian Peninsula is a ______________.
  14. Spain is one of the world's leading producers of ____________________.
    olive oil
  15. Portugal is the world's leading exporter of ________.
  16. Today, Spain is a ______________________and Portugal is a _________________________.
    constitutional monarcy, parliamentary republic
  17. The Italian peninsula sticks out into the center of the ___________________and looks like a boot.
    Mediterranean Sea
  18. Two countries lie within Italy:___________ and _________________.
    San Marino and Vatican City
  19. The ________ tower over northern Italy.
  20. ____________________________are located in the southern part of Italy.
    Volcanic mountains
  21. Today Italy is one of the worlds leading ___________ economies.
  22. northern Italy is the center of _____________.
  23. Italy's government is a ______________________.
    democratic republic
  24. Most Italians work in manufacturing and ____________ industries.
  25. The Greek mainland is located on the southern tip of the ______________________.
    Balkan Peninsula
  26. ________________is a vital part of Greece's economy.
  27. The government of Greece is a __________________.
    parliamentary republic
  28. More than half of the people in Greece live in ________________.
    urban areas
  29. More than 95% of Greeks are ____________________________.
    Greek Orthodox Christians
  30. Why does Norway have a mostly cold climate?
    Because 1/3 of its land lies in the artic circle
  31. Why is Norway wealthy?
    Because of fishing and mining for oil and natural gas
  32. What type of government exists in Norway today?
    A parlimentary democracy and monarchy with elected prime minister
  33. Why is Sweden wealthy?
    Because of its abundant natural resources and exports
  34. Where do most people in Sweden live?
    In cities or the southern lowlands
  35. Where does Finland get most of its wealth?
    Its forests
  36. Where did the ancestors of the Finns come from?
    They came from Siberia in Russia
  37. What kind of land makes up Denmark?
    Penninsulas and islands
  38. What products does Denmark export?
    Porcelain, LEGOs, and cheese, ham, and bacon
  39. How do the people of Iceland use the country's hot springs and geysers?
    To heat their homes, buildings, and swimming pools
  40. The _________rise in southern Germany.
  41. The lower slopes of the Alps are covered with ______.
  42. The ____________________winds across southern Germany.
    Danube River
  43. Rivers in northern Germany are used to transport ______________and _________________.
    reaw materials and manufactured goods
  44. The _________________is located in the west, on the border with France.
    Rhine River
  45. The _________is one of the world's most important industrial centers and located in Germany.
  46. Germany imports about one-third of its_______.
  47. The landscape in Switzerland is formed mostly by the _______.
  48. Switzerland makes high-quality goods from __________ materials.
  49. Austria is a ___________ country.
  50. Austria is one of the most ______________ countries in the world.
  51. Austria's climate is similar to ________________.
  52. Austria's lowland areas receive_______ in the winter.
  53. Austria's mountains provide __________ and the rivers generate ______________power.
    timber and hydroelectric
  54. Austrian factories produce machinery, ___________. __________, and vehicles.
    chemicals and metals
  55. What 4 regions make up the United Kingdom?
    England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland
  56. The United Kingdom is a major ____________and ___________country.
    industrial and trading
  57. The United Kingdom's leading exports are _________________ and _______________.
    manufactured goods and machinery
  58. Most of the people in the United Kingdom work in ___________industries.
  59. The government of the United Kingdom is a _______________and a __________________.
    parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy
  60. Most people in the United Kingdom live in ________ and ____________.
    cities and towns
  61. The capital of the United Kingdom is___________.
  62. Ireland is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the ______________.
    Irish Sea
  63. In the center of Ireland is a rolling__________covered with forests and farmlands.
  64. In Ireland, ________ from bogs is used for fuel.
  65. Ireland's economy is based on __________________ and __________.
    manufacturing and farming
  66. Ireland joined the __________________ to market products more widely.
    European Union
  67. Ireland's two official languages are ________________
    and ____________.
    Gaelic and English
  68. Life often centers around the neighborhood__________, in Ireland.
  69. The capital of Ireland is____________.
  70. France is covered by______________, ____________, and __________________.
    flat plains, mountains, and rivers
  71. France has a__________ and _____________ideal for agriculture.
    climate and rich soil
  72. France's economy relies on ____________and ______________.
    agriculture and manufacturing
  73. France produces more ____________than any other nation in western Europe.
  74. France's government is known as the _________________.
    Fifth Republic
  75. The three small Benelux countries have _______in common.
    a lot
  76. Belgium has _____natural resources.
  77. The Netherlands are _________populated.
    very densely
  78. Most people work in_________________, __________________, and ____________.
    service industries, manufacturing, and trade
  79. Many ______________companies are headquartered in Luxembourg.
  80. Where does the Pope live and work?
    Vatican City
  81. What is a Nordic country that is an island?
  82. Most of Denmark is on _____________.
    Jutland Penninsula
  83. Where is the little mermaid statue?
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  84. Name 2 artist that lived in Paris.
    Monet and Reinor
  85. What lies between Switzerland and Austria?
  86. What is a favorite skiing destination in Germany?
  87. What is the largest Greek island?
  88. What are the BENELUX countries?
    BElgium, NEtherlands, and LUXemburg
  89. Where is the Parthenon?
    Athens, Greece
  90. What country gets 80% of is power from nuclear power plants?
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