1. Adventure seekers.
    • like adventure
    • higher budgets with broad ranges
    • 3500-15000
  2. budget All-inclusive
    • like to shop around to find best deal
    • budgets $2000-3000 range
  3. Comfort couples
    • honeymoons that are characterized less by the type of vacation than by the comfort and quality of the vacation experince.
    • budget $3000-5000 range
  4. condition
    a valid reason for not committing to a purchase, which must be accepted as a qualificaton of the sale.
  5. context
    text-and images-based information contained on the web site.
  6. culture vultures
    • Type of honeymooners who place a high priority on the cultural aspects of a honeymoon,
    • budgets $3500 and up
  7. directories
    organized, categorized listings of web sites
  8. do-it-yourselfers
    honeymooners who plan and book there honeymoon themselves and tend to have a budget of less than $2000
  9. honeymoon registry
    • brides and grooms register for the honeymoon they want
    • broken down into gifts and reflecting a variety of price points, guest in return purchase portions of the honeymoon as gifts for the couple.
  10. keyword
    word or phrase used in performing an internet search
  11. luxury lovers
    • creature comforts & personal service
    • spare no expense to get it
    • budgets $5000-up
  12. objection
    statement that a prospect wants to know more or needs clarification
  13. on-site wedding coordinator
    the person at the hotel or wedding venue who is in charge of all wedding related details
  14. press release
    formal printed annoucement by company about its activies that written in the form of news article and given to the media
  15. publicity
    messages issued in behalf of your product or business.
  16. public relations (PR)
    form of marketing that involves communicating with various sectors of the public to influence their attitudes and opinions in the interest of promoting your product.
  17. qualifying
    process of asking questions to ascertain a couples wants, needs, desires for their honeymoon experience
  18. search engines
    programs that index documents and then attempt to match documents relevant to the users search requests
  19. show-specials
    call-to-action offers that are intended to spur bookings and give you a reason to close sales in the weeks after a bridal show
  20. waiting period
    time requried for prospective brides and grooms to be in the desination prior to the wedding
  21. wedding travel promotional piece
    document that includes information about air travel and accommodations for destinations wedding guests and entices them to make their travel arrangements with you
  22. final packet
    • weissmann travel report on destination
    • hotel or cruise brochure
    • list of tours or excursions with description and prices
    • luggage tags
  23. criteria for resort selection
    • atmoshere 85%
    • privacy 80%
    • air conditioning %72
    • reputation %65
    • price %61
  24. mailing list
    50-100 per day
  25. top wedding destenations
    • hawaii
    • caribbean
    • virgin islands bahamas st lucia
    • south pacific(fiji & tahiti
    • bermuda
    • las vegas
    • mexico
    • lake tahoe
  26. commissions
  27. honeymooners industry
    • 8 billion
    • avergae -3719
  28. most popular wedding months
    june july aug sept oct
  29. brides are engaged for
    16 months
  30. engaged couples plan there honeymoon
    6 months before the wedding
  31. most weddings aboard take place?
    embarkation port
  32. most legal requirments place?
  33. todays brides are grooms tend to be?
    more affluent educated and sophisticated
  34. weddings annually
    2.35 million to 2.45 million
  35. two most popular type of honeymoons are?
    all-inclusive resorts and packages
  36. do honeymooners spend more then leisure travellers?
  37. can all cruise ships perform weddings at sea?
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