Speech Vocab

  1. Amphiboly
    ambiguous statement or question that cannot be answered in the terms asked (Have you stopped beating your wife yet?).
  2. Arete
    • 2.1: Pisteis
    • excellence.
  3. Circumflex
    • 3.1:
    • to bend around.
  4. Diegesis
    narration, leading through.
  5. Dynamis
    power, ability, capacity, faculty, potentiality.
  6. Enthymemes
    rhetorical syllogism (three part deductive argument) that leads to a conclusion based on an unstated assumption (part of the argument is missing because it is assumed).
  7. Epideictic oratory
    • praise-and-blame, ceremonial (does not evoke controversy). Stating
    • current affairs.
  8. Epilogue
  9. Ethos
    character of the speaker.
  10. Eunoia
    good will.
  11. Forensic
    discussion about the past.
  12. Harmonia
    change in pitch.
  13. Hypokrisis
  14. Lexis
    way of saying something.
  15. Litos
    not plain, un-clear.
  16. Logos
    logical, what is said, or style.
  17. Oimos
    stripe or layer.
  18. Pathos
    emotions of the audience.
  19. Phronesis
    practical wisdom
  20. Pisteis
    Second vital part of a speech.
  21. Prooemion
    introduction, beginning.
  22. Prothesis
    First vital part of a speech.
  23. Rhetoric
    communication designed to persuade an audience to side with a particular argument or action, appeals to logos, pathos, or ethos.
  24. Syllogism
    three part deductive argument (major premise, minor premise, and a conclusion).
  25. Symbola
  26. Tanoi
    pitch accents.
  27. Taxeia
    rapid, quick.
  28. Taxis
    arrangement or ordering of parts of the oration.
  29. Tonoi
    pitch accents.
  30. Tykhe
    benefit from chance which comes from rank via ancestry.
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