CRS Article 3 Part 1

  1. 18-3-102 Murder in the First Degree
    After Deliberation and with Intent causes death


    By perjury, procures the conviction and execution of an innocent person

    Malice conduct

    Death of a child in a position of trust

    -Class 1 Felony
    • B Burglary
    • R Robbery
    • E Escape
    • A Arson
    • K Kidnapping
    • S Sexual Assault
  3. 18-3-103 Murder in the Second Degree
    • Knowingly causes the death of a person
    • -Class 2 Felony

    • If performed during a sudden heat of passion
    • -Class 3 Felony
  4. Heat of Passion
    There must be no lapse of time between the provocation and the killing as there not to be an interval sufficient for the voice of reason and humanity to be heard.
  5. 18-3-104 Manslaughter
    Recklessly causes the death of another person

    Intentionally causes or aids another person to commit suicide

    -Class 4 Felony
  6. 18-3-105 Criminally Negligent Homicide
    • Causing the death of another by conduct amounting to criminal negligence
    • -Class 5 Felony
  7. 18-3-106 Vehicular Homicide
    • Operating a motor vehicle in a reckless manner which cases death to another
    • -Class 4 Felony

    • Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs and such conduct is the proximate cause of death of another
    • -Class 3 Felony
  8. 18-3-107 First Degree Murder of a Peace Officer or Firefighter
    • Caused the death of a Peace Officer or Firefighter
    • -Life imprisonment without the possibility of parole
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CRS Article 3 Part 1
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