Two Test Molecular

  1. What is a mutation?
    A mistake in the cells genetic material
  2. How is a wiled type DNA altered?
    • Substitution
    • Deletion
    • Insertion
    • Duplication
  3. What causes Mutations?
  4. What are the two ways to combat mutation?
    • Reversion- healing (rare)
    • DNA repair mechanism- restoring damaged DNA (mismatch repair, excision repair)
  5. Through which cells are mutations inherited, and which cells are not?
    • Germ line- inherited
    • Somatic- not
  6. What two things can human disorders be?
    • Autosomal chromosome disorder (Homozygous recessive disorder)
    • Sex-linked disorders
  7. What is gene therapy?
    replacing a defected gene with a good copy of the gene
  8. What are the methods of delivery for gene therapy?
    • Plasmids
    • Adenovirus (DNA)
    • Retrovirus (RNA)
    • Particle bombardment
    • DNA
  9. What are the two ways of doing molecular fingerprinting?
    PCR and RFLP
  10. What is the procedure for RFLP?
    • RE digest
    • Electrophoresis
    • Southern blotting
    • Visualizing by autoradiograph
  11. How does PCR work for DNA fingerprinting?
    Amplify DNA fragment showing hyper variable region and discriminate the probe
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