neuroscience exam 2 part1

  1. spatial summation
    adding EPSPs from different location
  2. Temporal summation
    EPSPs arriving rapidly at same synapse
  3. Postsynaptic neuron intergrates inpunts and output by?
    action potential-if voltage reaches threshold
  4. Axon hillock
    action potential initaited here, and membrance voltage needs to reach 40mv for action potential firing.
  5. depolarization decrease with
    distance in dendrite
  6. when excitory synapse and inhibitory synapse are active then
    inward movement of negatively charged chloride ions neutralizes EPSP
  7. hydrophilic head and hydrophobic
    water loving,and water
  8. phospholipids
    building blocks of cell membrance
  9. Polar (hydrophilic head group)
    Choline,phosphate, and glycerol
  10. nonpolar(hydrophobic tail)
    2 long hydrocarbon tail
  11. phospholipid bilayer
    makes up the core of the cell membrance
  12. Lipid bilayer flexibility
    small non-polar molecules, ex o2, co2,n2 and lipid bilayer impermeable to ions
  13. k+
    • high conc of K+ inside
    • low conc. of K+ outside
  14. Na+
    • high conc of Na+ outside
    • low conc. of Na+ inside
  15. membrance transport proteins
    to transport ions +other molecules across membrance
  16. transporters
    • -bind solute
    • -conformation change to transfer across membrane
  17. channels
    • -acqueous pore across bilayer
    • -don't bind solute
    • -faster rate of transport compared to transporters
  18. Concentrantion gradient is
  19. Passive transport
    down concentration gradient
  20. active transport
    against concentration gradient requires energy
  21. Diffusion
    • -ions will not pass through bilayer
    • -with channels in membrane diffusion will push ions through ion channel b/c concertration gradient
    • -until even distribution on both sides.
  22. sodium-potassium pump
    • -moves NA+ and K+ aganist their concentration gradients
    • -requires ATP
    • -for every ATP:3 NA+ pumed out and 2K+ pumped in
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