BPS Chapter 7

  1. a problem-solving technique that involves the spontaneous generation ideas; includes making lists, using words associatios, and mapping topics
  2. a brainstorming technique in which one writes down ideas as they come to mind, beginning with a single word
    Word Association
  3. a brainstorming technique in which words are laid out in a diagram form to show categorical relationships among them; useful for selecting and narrowing a speech topic
    Topic Mapping
  4. a statement of the broad speech purpose that answers the question, "Why am I speaking on this topic for this particular audience and occasion?" Usually the general speech purpose is to inform, to persuade, or to celebrate or commemorate a special occasion
    General Speech Purpose
  5. a refined statement of purpose that zeroes in more closely than the general purpose on the goal of the speech
    Specific Speech Purpose
  6. the theme, or central idea, of a speech that serves to connect all the parts of the speech in a single line. The main points, supporting material, and conclusion all relate to the thesis.
    Thesis Statement
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