BPS Chapter 6

  1. the process of gathering and analyzing demographic and psychological information about audience members.
    Audience Analysis
  2. focused on the needs, attitudes, and values of the audience
  3. our genral evaluations of people, ideas, objects, or events
  4. the ways in which people perceive reality or determine the very existence or validity of something
  5. our most enduring judgements about what is good and bad in life, as shaped by our culture and our unique experiences within it
  6. a feeling of commonality with another. Effective speakers attempt to foster a sense of identification between themselves and audience members
  7. an audience required to attend
    Captive Audience
  8. an audience whose members have chosen to attend
    Voluntary Audience
  9. identifying with values not one's own in order to win approval from an audience
  10. statistical characteristics of a given population. Characteristics typically considered in the analysis of audience members include age, gender, ethnic or cultural background, socioeconomic status (including income, occupation, and education), and religious and political affiliation
  11. those individuals within the broader audience who are most likely to be influenced in the direction the speaker seeks
    Target Audience
  12. a community of people whose perceptions and beliefs differ significantly from those of other groups within the larger culture
  13. a demographic variable that includes income, occupation, and education
    Socioeconomic Status (SES)
  14. social or psychological sense of self as male or female
  15. a written survey designed to gather information from a pool of respondents
  16. a question designed to elicit a small range of specific answers supplied by the interviewer
    Closed-Ended Question
  17. a closed-ended question that contains a limited choice of answers such as "yes", "no", or "sometimes"
    Fixed-Alternative Questions
  18. a closed-ended question that measures the respondent's level of agreement or disagreement with specific issues
    Scale Question
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