EMT 150 Anatomical Terms

  1. anatomy
    structure of the body anf how the body is made.
  2. physoilogy
    function of the living body and its part(how the body works)
  3. supine
    Lying on your back
  4. prone
    lying on your stomach
  5. lateral recumbent( recovery) position)
    lying either on their right or left side. (Left side is better)
  6. Flower position
    patient is lying on this back with an angle of 45 to 60 degrees
  7. simi-fowler
    patient lying on there back with less than 45 degree
  8. Shock positon
    Trendelenburg Position: Leg about 12 inches higher the body
  9. Sagittal plane
    (median plane)
    a vertical line that runs lengthwise and divides the body into left and right segments
  10. Frontal plane
    (Coronal plane)
    Divides the body into front and back halves
  11. transveral plane
    (horizontal plane)
    is parallel to the ground and divids into upper and lower halves.
  12. midline
    line that runs from the head through the nose and all the way to the floor
  13. midaxillary midline
    middle of the armpit to the ankle(side of body)
  14. anterior plane
    front of body
  15. posterior plane
    back of body
  16. anterior
    towards the front
  17. posterior
    towards the back
  18. superior
    means towards the head or above the point of reference
  19. inferior
    towards the feet or below the point of referance
  20. Dorsal
    toward the back or back bone
  21. ventral
    towards the front or belly
  22. medial
    toward the midline or center of the body
  23. lateral
    ledt or right of midline or way from the midline of the body
  24. bilateral
    both sides
  25. unilateral
    one side
  26. ipsilateral
    same side
  27. contralateral
    opposite side
  28. proximal
    near the point of reference
  29. distal
    distant or far from the point of reference
  30. right and left
    ALWAYS the pateints right or left
  31. Midclavicular
    middle of clavice
  32. midaxillary
    middle of armpit
  33. planter
    sole of foot
  34. palmer
    plam of hand
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