BPS Chapter 3

  1. fear or anxiety associated with a speaker's actual or anticipated communication to an oudience
    Public Speaking Anxiety
  2. a feeling of anxiety sexperienced when a speaker learns he or she must give a speech
    Pre-preparation Anxiety
  3. a feeling of anxiety that arises when a speaker begins to prepart for a speech, at which point he or she might feel overwhelmed at the amout of time and planning required
    Preparation Anxiety
  4. a feeling of anxiety experienced when a speaker begins to rehearse a speech
    Pre-Performance Anxiety
  5. a feeling of anxiety that occurs the moment one begins to perform
    Performance Anxiety
  6. an exercise for building confidence in which the speaker, while preparing for the speech, closes his or her eyes and envisions a series of positive feelings and reactions that will occur on the day of the speech
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BPS Chapter 3
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