1. Rock Cotoneaster
    Cotoneaster horizonitalis

    semi-evergreen. Ground cover vine. More than likely not on test.
  2. Red Clusterberry
    Cotoneaster lacteus

    3d veins, long arching branches with large clusters of red berries.
  3. Loquat
    Eriobotrya japonica

    Utility tree, simple leaf with toothed margin. Large Ovate leaves. Flowers in stiff panicles. Rusty color on bottom of leaves.
  4. Fraser photinia
    Photinia x fraseri

    Evergreen bush, leaves turn bright red in sun. Toothed margin on larger ovate leaves. Endicot. Scraggly looking in to much sun in Vegas.
  5. Carolina cherry laurel
    Prunus caroliniana

    Tree or large shrub. Silver bark with alternate simple leaves, smooth margins. Shiney green leaves, shiney black fruit.
  6. Purple leaf plum
    Prunus cerasifera 'atropurpurea'

    Purple leaves, pink flowers, small bitter fruits.
  7. Almond
    Prunus dulcis

    Deciduous tree, usually grown on peach or prum stock. Ovate to lanceolate with a serrated margin leaf. light pink to white flowers, and wrinkled.dried up apricot looking fruits.
  8. Pyracantha
    Pyracantha koidzumii

    stems are thorny. tiny red berries, leaves are both large and small. espalier or short prune shrub.
  9. Callery pear
    Pyrus calleryana

    Bradford pear. simple leafs, white flowers on 2" long petiole. Fall colors of red, purple and orange.
  10. India hawthorn
    Rhaphiolipis indica

    Evergreen shrub, hedge. leaves are serrate medium green. Blue fruit with light pink star shaped flowers.
  11. Rose

    Filler plant or accent plant.
  12. Lady Bank's rose
    Rosa banksiae

    thornless slender branches that can be espaliered or pruned into a bush. Small yellow roses appear once a year.
  13. Oregon Grape
    Mahonia aquifolium

    Holly looking leaves, rysomes. Pinnate leaves attach directly to the rachis. leaf bases partly encircle the stem. Blue/black fruit.
  14. Heavenly bamboo
    Nandina domestica

    evergreen shrub with segmented stems. Leaflets are long and lanceolate. Large bipinnate leaves lend a lacy look. Green fruit that ripens and turns red.
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